By anonymous - 16/01/2012 19:55 - United States

Today, I came out to my father. He seemed to be totally okay with it, as long as I'm the "man" in my relationships. FML
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You can be whoever you want to be. Good for you for telling him. Stay strong grasshoppah. :)

Hey it coulda been worse. Seems like a cool dad to me...


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he wants to make sure your the picker and the other is the catcher haha

Gays are both bro

You're* and pitcher*

My friend sticks only to "pitching", if you'd like it to be called that. Just because it's a male homosexual relationship, doesn't mean they play both positions.

Im sorry for my lack of intellectual capacity to know that, thank you good sir.

At least your dad didn't push you into a burning christmas tree

33- I can agree on that one. But just to ask this, who says OP is gay? What if OPs dad was talking about his relationships with women?

35- It says he came out to his father. I believe I and most others are assuming he is coming out of the closet.

-35 *Fry Face Squint* Not sure if trolling... or just stupid. "Coming out" means to tell that you are gay. You just made my brain very sad.

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35-OP straight up said he was coming out to his father. I'm almost positive that he's talking about being gay.

what does this even mean can someone explene the koncept of this it's not lectual I dot get what u mean by coming out coming out of where a zoo a plane a earplane terminal? thx to whoever responds

Doc, we need your Idiot-English translator on #58, stat!

Well the pitcher may very well be the catcher... Of aids... I'm going to hell

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You're such a dick. I hope your girlfriend (if you somehow manage to get one who would tolerate your dickishness) gives you aids and you die. Have a great time in hell, dumb fuck.

Well the pitcher may very well be the catcher... Of aids... I'm going to hell

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Fuck faggots...

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Incorrect. Usually there is a defined "bottom" and "top". (Catcher/Pitcher, Uke/Seme)

131 Are you gay? They can flip. The best part of being gay I am told

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i wish all were both some are a little narrow minded imo if a guys not willing to trade places hes not worth it not to say that defined roles are bad if everyone is happy

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I sense an error in communication.

What we have here, is a failure to communicate. As you can see, there can only be one 'man': *exhibit A* 8===D

That's weird, I posted: 8===D

That was a bad comment, it got modded into nonsensical dribble...

"What we have here, is a failure to communicate."

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Ok 3 is right and 5 isn't. There wasn't a lack of communication. In a same sex relationship, there still is the one person who's more feminine and the other who is more masculine. OP's father simply wants him to be the more masculine one.

and yet it's nothing to do with that. OP could have written this as so:- "Today, I came out to my father and he accepted it, FML"

How is it an FML that he accepted you? Yeah he was a tad ignorant, but my dad called me a fag when I came out to him. And every time he called to talk to my sister she would ask if he wanted to talk to me (I didn't want to talk to him) and he would ask, "is he still a fag?" and she would say yeah and he would say NOPE! Consider yourself lucky.

122 - You poor thing. :c I support you!

is he a republican?

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Are you discriminative?

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62, Well statistically...

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I'm sure he prefers the term "boldly conservative."

What does being a republican have anything to do with gay rights? Prop eight won in was passed with about 48% of democrats and only 18% of republicans. More examples can be sited.

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Are you an idiot?

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You can be whoever you want to be. Good for you for telling him. Stay strong grasshoppah. :)

Hmm. Then I guess you'd be the "ass- hole!" LOL.

Patience young ass-hole. Once you can grab this pebble out of my ass, then you will truly be a m-ass-ter.

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Well.....are you?

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Im assuming hes not the "man" in his ships... If he was, there probably wouldn't be an fml.

22- Or it's an FML cause his dad is stupid and only accepts him if he pitches? Conditional acceptance isn't acceptance.

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Ooooohhhhh! Shrike put yo ass on strike!

Well, shrike does do that to everyone...

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Why does it matter.. As long as your happy right???

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Hell yah

Hey it coulda been worse. Seems like a cool dad to me...

Seriously. Sounds to me like the dad was joking about that bit. What's important is that he's accepting of who you are. And right off the bat too!

Yeah, he could have flipped!

Just remember you are the man!!