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Today, my mother told my little sister and me that she has breast cancer to make us feel sorry so that we would clean our rooms. She is perfectly fine. My little sister still thinks that "mommy is going to die". FML
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That's just plain terrible. What about all the suffering people who actually have breast cancer? It's disgusting she would say that.

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that's not even funny. There is a possibility she could find out she actually has breast cancer later on. I hate people who lie about things like this, for trivial matters.

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all that just to make you clean your rooms? my mom would have just slapped me lol

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that's not nice to say :( next time she says it they might not believe her that time :(

That's not the first thing some one should say to make their kids do what they want. Thad very serious. Your mom is an asshole. She should of come up with something less serious.

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nothing like some sexy rotten boobs to make u clean ur room....

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sexy rotten boobs? seriously? that's what breast cancer is to you? grow up.

25- I have read TWO of your comments & you already need to stop commenting all together. Just shut the **** up.

Have you ever heard about "the boy who cried wolf"? She's gonna **** around and one day no one will beleive her.

op's mom does this while good people actually die from cancer... thats unjust

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I kind of want to know what she would do for a Klondike bar...

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this is so not funny. One of my closest family friends was just diagnosed with breast cancer, I still cry every time I talk about it. Your mother should be ashamed of what she's done.

I think it's about time you shut the **** up. Mkayy, thanks.

there is something wrong with that moms head..

25)shut the **** up >:| 81)i like how of all letters you chose to put 3 x's in your name OP just tell your sister your mom will die in 40-60 more years depending on how old she is now

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Yeah a bunch of girls in my family have including my mom and it's not something to joke about.

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One does not joke about such things.

well one the day she gets Brest cancer and dies a 3 months to 3 years later then they will believe but that's **** up

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55 - I almost could have died from choking on a chip because of laughing at that. Thank you, sir.

a reply, within a reply.FTW!!!!! she has bitch cancer

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Technically, she IS going to die....we all do eventually.

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Good? She's lying about a cancer that many women fear or sadly have, how in the world is that a good thing?!


that's not 'good' my friend's mom had breast cancer, not funny

what is your problem??? my friend's mom just died of breast cancer 2 weeks's not funny to joke about!

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that's a horrible thing to say

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2 I hope you get breast cancer for saying that cuz its not good my aunt had it

86- are you stupid?? he can't get breast cancer if he's a guy,

No you're stupid because men actually can get breast cancer. I should know, I'm a surgeon.

Good Lord, 102, of course men can. Smarten up.

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102, He can if he has the moobs for it.

you damn retards!! he is being sarcastic... why can't you take the time to notice?? bet you will think im wrong for that right?

102 is the biggest idiot ever. babies , men ,women, children ANYBODY can get it. my teacher whos a male had it. so dontgo calling people stupid till u het your facts straight.

hey here's what I think you should do see you in hell

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My mom had breast cancer and this, including your comment 2, is one of the most disturbing and disgusting things I have ever heard.

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108- of course you're a surgeon.

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86, as stupid as it was for someone to say that, I personally wouldn't want then to get it. Nobody, I mean nobody, deserves to get cancer. R.I.P to every who fought to live

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thats a horrible way to do it... obviously your mom doesnt believe in karma

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best parenting Eva! you should have one of those sitcoms like "my wife and kids" or "George Lopez"

I hope she has money set aside to help pay for future psych visits...

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wow. it's not funny to joke bout breast cancer just to make someone do someone do something for u. trust me, i know >:(

That's just plain terrible. What about all the suffering people who actually have breast cancer? It's disgusting she would say that.

that's disgusting your mother is a terrible person who needs to sort her head out

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7- I agree !!!! Breast cancer is very common n my family, and currently my aunt is losing her battle against it. OP, no offense, but that's just awful of you're mother to say. Come up with something else, but lying about something as serious as breast cancer is more than uncalled for, its just plain disgusting.

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My mother did this to me but she actually HAD breast cancer... she's also a severe neat freak so I kind of understand her motivation.

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is that her excuse to why her boobs are so saggy too?

Those are two completely unrelated things, which you would know if you weren't a complete moron. Also, it wasn't even slightly funny. Just sayin.

Ohmygosh. That's awful. What if she really did? Wow.

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your thumbs down make me laugh.... thus giving me more power

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