By fmlpgh - 16/02/2010 11:51 - United States

Today, my husband told me to hold out my hand. He opened his, and in mine dropped a giant mutant tooth he had pulled a few months ago. FML
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Next time you can offer him the giant, mutant tampon you pulled out of your ladyparts.

A tooth for a tooth, exchange him your most prized molar.


people just don't understand the point of "FML" I swear it is literarly what the name says, it's not " My Stupid Day" it is F*** My Life

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haha I was thinking the same thing-at least he didn't give you herpes

#60 It is sometimes literally the moment that ruined your day as Pendatic can do a better job of explaining. Sometimes the OP's life is truly FUBAR. Other times, it's just a crappy moment. I'm not saying this post is FML-worthy but they are not all crises.

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who cares this isn't an fml...wash your hands, and when you're done cancel your your account

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does he expect you to do the whole tooth fairy bit with him

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Caleb865 why the **** are you looking at my lips? Even if you carelessly noticed something like my lips, you being another guy, felt the need to comment why? take that skirt off and control those homosexual urges boy

#90 big lips and a hole in your RIGHT ear

his tooth? or is he a dentis? cause it's creepy if he keept someone elses tooth

A tooth for a tooth, exchange him your most prized molar.

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Then how do you brush your teeth if you are disgusted by them..

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how the hell can u be afraid of teeth? ur breath must be stank cuz ur too disgusted to brush them, lol

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I totally get what you mean, yo. It's like hair: it's ok when it's still attatched and clean, but once it's been seperated from the body, it's just gross.

OP did say it was a mutant tooth so that sounds fairly disgusting. The bigger question is where had it been all those months? If he just found it under the couch or something, that definitely qualifies as gross.

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make a necklace out of it ^•^

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Whoa. He needs to slow his roll :] Girls can only handle so much romance.

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OP you're the kind of woman that shouldn't be allowed out of the kitchen.