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Today, I overheard my mom complaining to her friends about her uncontrollable queefing problem. Excuse me while I find a therapist. FML
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Queefing, your vag's way of saying "bring me more dick"!


And someone mentioned children not having a filter on another post but moms take that shit to the next level. Lol

When you have to queef, you have to queef. It's a natural body function

True, but that doesn't mean anyone wants to hear their mom talking about her vag.

True. People always get freaked out if they hear their parents get busy, too, and meanwhile I'm just impressed my old assed dad can still get mom to break him off a piece. Get over it, OP - you're mom has probably heard you talk about shit that made her uneasy, too!

I guess it's the same about guys talking about their Bodley functions.

Um.. it's not really a bodily "function". It's a result of some action that causes air to get into the ******. I've never had to randomly just queef.

I think your mom's the one who needs a therapist. But fyl

"I just keep queefing and can't stop." "Uhhh, ma'am, you know I'm a therapist, right?"

Anyone who complains about their queefing problems to their friends needs some social therapy.

i know, right? being open and honest and trusting your friends with personal problems is so bad it requires therapy. give me a break.

Um, isn't that sort of what friends are for a lot of the time? Having people that you're close to and comfortable with, enough to be open and honest with them with no judgement, even about sometimes weird and awkward topics. That's the type of friendships I strive to have, supportive and comfortable, I can talk to my friends about anything.

She should probably see a doctor about that...but if you hadn't noticed and only knew because you heard her talking about it,I imagine they can't be that loud, so there's something in your favor, OP.

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You poor thing! You need a hug, your favorite food and a day on the couch watching movies. You will recover!

I think that is a sign it is time to move out!

Wow all these people are agreeing with the OP and I'm over here all "so what, it's natural, I don't see a problem here" I must be a freak.

I think the problem is that it's uncontrollable.

Queefing is literally just air getting trapped in the ****** and then when it is no longer obstructed, it makes a sound as it escapes and releases. It happens a lot during sex because there's "extra space," due to the opening and canal not being "entirely filled up," so air gets pushed into it with the thrusting. It is uncontrollable anyway, it is not something a person can really hold or stop, and it is not medically a problem, it's just air pockets being released when there is no longer an object obstructing them.

Same. I'm sure we'll get downvoted though. lol. Shaming women for normal bodily functions, yay.

It's natural yes, but the issue is that op had to hear about it. It's just a weird and uncomfortable thing to hear for most people, especially from your mom!

It's not like the OPs mother was talking to them about it. They overheard a private conversation. The OPs mother should be able to discuss stuff like that with her friends with no judgement. I'd agree 100% if she went to her son and was like "hey watch this! *queefs in face*".

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"I try not to think about it, Rick. I try to just forget aboot it and then move on, but I can't. I mean, she queefed right in my face!"

Is she related to my mum? I once caught my mum on the phone to my stepdad, on the toilet, taking a dump, with the door open. It was horrifying.

Dr. Phil always knows exactly what to say

air freshener? I hope her vag doesn't smell so horrible that she needs air freshener after queefing.