By zcollins - United States - Pleasanton
Today, my mother informed me that we are no longer taking my graduation trip to New York. Instead, she and her group of continuously drunk friends are going to Vegas because, "We could win the jackpot and take you on an even bigger trip to New York!" She's never won anything in her whole life. FML
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she could win, not necessarily win big. and op just because your mom has never won anything in her life doesnt mean she's doomed to fail in Vegas. honestly that statement has nothing to do with how big of a douche move your mom took. it was very selfish.

  hashshim  |  21

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  jessBeAqueen  |  13

maybe long island.....ah hell who am I kidding? no one ever comes to long island :( unless of course its the hamptons then you'd probably lose that arm and leg