By Screwed - 16/03/2009 03:38 - United States

Today, I had one of the worst panic attacks in years. I was worried nobody cared about me and that I had completely messed up my life. I was hyperventilating and crying hysterically. My mom walked by my room, looked at me, and said, "If you're going to make those noises, at least shut the door." FML
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your mom's a bitch.

Is your mother unaware of the fact that you have panic attacks?


your mom's a bitch.

I agree completely ^

i think she left the door open to get sympathy

yeah... thank yer mom for the confirmation.

I had the same reaction~~hmmm drama queen?

You guys are rude as **** -_- That's not something you can control. I doubt OP was thinking "Maybe I should leave the door open and intentionally work myself up enough to have a panic attack." Dont be an asshole.

does nobody understand that with crying you tend to moan, so maybe she thought she was masturbating

Is your mother unaware of the fact that you have panic attacks?


why were you having panic attacks?

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Cause of said thoughts..?

I have panic attacks all the time aswell, but I've never made random noises. I mostly just breathe really weirdly, short and sharp. My friends normally have to shake me out of it. Your Mum's a bitch though. Does she know you have anxiety problems?

But imagine if you're crying at the same time as doing that breathing.

that sucks, how does she not know that you have panic attacks. I guess you don't have them that often?

Now u have the rights react the same when she will get old and have a heart attack ...

well yr life is worth more than u think. now think of all these kids dying everyday from rape and murders in africa. they dnt have time for panic attacks.. not saying u shud have them. but u shud have one cus of yr messed up life if u think of it that way. as long as u live u can change it. so whenever u have them concentrate on sumthing positive and get out of it. by doing it alone u will grow stronger. and yr parents love u. som just dont show it. Peace

that's so true. But some people can't help but have those thoughts and when they do, reading about how bad off other people are cheers them up and makes them re-think whether their life is terrible or not..

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Please stop comparing the plight of Africa to children being abused and neglected in America. They're in two completely different leagues.

@ 148 the comparison is just not even fitting is the problem. not the "leagues". but not everyone has a knack for metaphor or allegory.

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I wish I could read this :3

Once I stuck a knife up to my neck in front of my mother and tried to push it in. She told me to do it harder or else I wouldn't die fast enough. Mothers suck.

And the world's greatest mom award goes to...

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Dang that sucks

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You know....this that as a FML not as a comment :)

have you tried being less emo? some times that helps :)

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Wow, you really are an asshole, huh?