By Screwed - United States
Today, I had one of the worst panic attacks in years. I was worried nobody cared about me and that I had completely messed up my life. I was hyperventilating and crying hysterically. My mom walked by my room, looked at me, and said, "If you're going to make those noises, at least shut the door." FML
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  reneetlovesyou  |  30

You guys are rude as fuck -_- That's not something you can control. I doubt OP was thinking "Maybe I should leave the door open and intentionally work myself up enough to have a panic attack." Dont be an asshole.

By  millycent  |  0

I have panic attacks all the time aswell, but I've never made random noises. I mostly just breathe really weirdly, short and sharp. My friends normally have to shake me out of it. Your Mum's a bitch though. Does she know you have anxiety problems?

By  Mikeymikey  |  4

well yr life is worth more than u think. now think of all these kids dying everyday from rape and murders in africa. they dnt have time for panic attacks.. not saying u shud have them. but u shud have one cus of yr messed up life if u think of it that way. as long as u live u can change it. so whenever u have them concentrate on sumthing positive and get out of it. by doing it alone u will grow stronger. and yr parents love u. som just dont show it.

  maryaalhindi  |  9

that's so true. But some people can't help but have those thoughts and when they do, reading about how bad off other people are cheers them up and makes them re-think whether their life is terrible or not..