By Christina - 29/06/2012 05:31 - United States - Aurora

Today, my mother decided to share with me that my father is impotent, and they hadn't had sex in a year and a half. Thanks, Mom. I can never unhear that. FML
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It's moments like this when the neuralyzer from Men in Black would be legit.

I'm sure your father would be more upset to know that you know. Better to only hear about it than actually have it done to you.


It's not really **** your life to be honest, but your fathers. If you were a man, you would know how much impotence can be humiliating.. At least you have a functionally body, he does not. And your mom does not get her "fix" from your father even if she wants it

I'm sure your father would be more upset to know that you know. Better to only hear about it than actually have it done to you.

My mom told me that since she hit menopause she had difficulty getting aroused. I feel for ya op.

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How would you have this done to you?

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Better to hear about impotence than to have it

Oh. My. Poor you, OP. I can see why this would be disturbing. In my house, terms like that are banned. After reading this FML, I'm very thankful for it.

It's moments like this when the neuralyzer from Men in Black would be legit.

That thing would come in handy in a ton of life situations to do with parents or just awkward conversations you had with girls/guys. Set it for like 30mins or something. And be all good for life.

I dont understand... Do u cringe at the thought of ur dad not having sex? What abt this is disturbing...

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As always ****** love you kbeatz your comments never disappoint me

Wow. That may be the only thing worse than your mom telling you she and your father have a great sex life. My parents would have sex every saturday morning. I knew this because their bedroom was right next to mine. I would turn the radio up really loud so I wouldn't hear their poorly subdued...noises...but at least I knew they were still happy together. That was an awkward and disturbing experience for me, but what you learned is just...sad. Sorry OP. :(

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I dont understand why parents feel the need to...fornicate while children are around

Seriously, what are they supposed to do with the kids when they want to "fornicate?" Just because you have kids does not mean you are DEAD! Sex is a great stress-reliever. Without it, I predict many kids would be the recipients of the pent up frustration...

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But they could still at least wait until the kids are at school or at least not right next door to their bedroom...

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It could always be worse, she could have explained their last intercourse in very vivid detail and finished the story off explaining how her new vibrator makes her feel more like a woman than your father ever did.

If anyone said that to me I'd need a therapist never mind my parents

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My mom does the first part you were talking about. O.o. I don't really mind though, I just kind of ignore it.

It's better to hear about them not having sex then to walk in on them having sex. You'd never un see that

A picture is worth a thousand words. Or in this case a burned in image of an event you whitenessed. but let's face it. More awkward is your mum walking in on you having sex with someone. Because shell always want to talk about it after. Or while your still in bed.

My eyes and head hurt while reading this.

By typing this down you make it even harder to forget. And also this should be an FML for your mom, not you.

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So just get her a "toy" for her birthday.

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Gooood sympathy skills. Well then dont run to her with your issues either.

She's OP's mother. Listening to OP's issues is her job. Loading hers onto her daughter isn't.

My mum happily tells me she hasn't had sex with my dad since I was conceived. I'm 16.

Your dad is having sex with other women then. She just doesn't know it.

Your parents are lying then, either because it's awkward for them or they don't think you're ready to hear about it. And if they don't have sex, they still **********. Enjoy that mental image.

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I believe she is just saying that so she doesn't scar you for life lol

I don't see why this is so shocking. Some people and some religions forbid sex for any purpose but child making. And you need to go see a bunch of people and get permission to have sex. (I know because my aunt is one of them).

I'm pretty sure the only people with the will power to do that are either closeted gays, asexual, or simply don't counts things like 69ing, etc.

89, while I agree that it's rare and it won't surprise me if some or even lots (though not all) who claim to do this are actually still having sex. But some of these religions (like Hara Krishna, sorry I'm sure I botched that spelling) require you to be very devoted and as such they follow practically everything to the letter.

Get over it, OP. Your father has a legitimate health concern that already has a very detrimental effect to his own happiness and maybe so far as your parents' very marriage. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, look for some local professionals over the Internet like sex therapists, urologists, and the like and be supportive for once.

Why should the child be the one looking to help their parents sex lives!? Thats just weird.