By peacechick71 - 22/09/2013 23:30 - United States - Trenton

Today, my grandma threw away my clear retainer thinking it was plastic from packaging. She has done this three times now. They cost 300 dollars to replace. FML
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peacechick71 tells us more.

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Hey guys OP here. To answer some questions, yes I have told my grandmother various times that I have a retainer, and that it looks like packaging and to not throw it away. I do keep it in a plastic case but I only wear it at night so when I am out shopping for her or walking her animals she snoops in my stuff. I have tried keeping it in my room to keep away from her but the door always "accidentally" opens and her animals find it and play with it because animals like the saliva taste on the retainer, it is then she thinks it's packaging and throws it away.

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Time to find a good hiding spot for those retainers!

That'll take a bite out of your budget.


That'll take a bite out of your budget.

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Thats not very punny. But seriously op, youre supposed to have it in your mouth unless youre eating, stop letting your grandmother get a hold of it.

You don't need it all the time. After having your braces off you need them in all the time for a couple of months, and then you have to wean your teeth off of it by dropping to 6 days a week, then after a month or so, 5 days a week etc. until you get to one day a week. I think you have to do it until its once a month etc but I've had mine off for four years now and I'm still on once a week as my teeth hurt otherwise.

sometimes you only have to wear it at night. that was the case for me. put it in a coin purse next time OP

Can't you just take it out of the trash and sterilize it??? I would have done that the first time around instead of coughing up $300 for it.

Or don't get a clear one next time, I have a pink ish clear one so you can't see it in my mouth cuz it's the color of my mouth

#1 with the zinger! Seriously tho, maybe try not leaving your retainer just sitting out? I'd have figured that out after the first time.

Actually for the first two months it's all the time. After that it's every night for who knows how long. Got my braces of 5 years ago and I'm still wearing my retainers everynight

Dammit grandma drink your damn prune juice!

I dont get it. Why do people say "Jesus Christ" when people do something stupid?

Because he chose to save everyone in the world, even the stupid people. So he needs to be made aware of what he has done. Bad Jesus.

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Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ why did you save dumb people.

Time to find a good hiding spot for those retainers!

Like the case it comes delivered in...?

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And how about picking up your stuff in stead of leaving it layi around.

Like maybe in OP's mouth, where they're supposed to be?

If she doesn't learn it, you have to take drastic measures. Oh, and don't store them anywhere near her.

First time, FYL, second time is still pretty shitty, if you haven't learned to find a better place to keep it by the third time I guess you can't be taught.

Maybe it's time to buy a different kind of case... Or mark it better..

Try putting a "don't throw away" note on it!

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You could always, like, not leave them laying around. I know it sounds ridiculous, but the case has a purpose.

Who's to say it isn't in the case? The grandmother could be taking it put of the case and throwing it out.

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The case looks nothing like packaging plastic so I doubt the grandma would pop it open and be like Oh, this was in a protective case, I'm going to throw it away.

make her buy the next pair next time she throws the old one away. she'll stop doing it

If you are leaving it out without a case, ydi. You have to learn to take care of expensive things better. If it's in a case, which I doubt, then she needs to learn to stop snooping while cleaning. You can get a denture case for a couple of bucks at most pharmacies. It's also nice since you can soak it to clean it.