By Anonymous - 23/04/2013 13:38 - Australia - Chatswood

Today, my husband rejected sleeping with me because he wants to "save his energy" for building his custom car. Apparently, I'm a "distraction." FML
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rg350dx 29

Guess he'd rather work on his hotrod than get hot with his rod

43- Lighten the fuck up, you stupid penguin.


mellingeramber 13

Hmmm. It sounds to me like somebody's about to be in the dog house :p

It sounds to me like someone's going to be in the garage tonight, actually.

subiedude08 17

Exactly #44

Cars can sometimes be life long dreams... So I am not shocked.

twaumat 28

Men and their hobbies...

Men rejecting sex? IMPOSSIBRU

It all depends on the car

Someone already said what I was going to. (edit)

I've wanted to say or do this in the edit period after I post quickly too, someone before them made a similar comment. Usually I quickly type something stupid on the end, with horrible results to my grammar or spelling.

Give him a piece of his own medicine & just do the same thing back. "Sorry, I have to _____ & you're a distraction."

No man in their right mind would neglect their woman, just so he could build his car...

He doesn't want to have sex at the present time. That's hardly neglect.

Rejecting your wife for several months for a hobby certainly is neglect.

Michael_92 20

Lots of assumptions here. This may have been a 1 time thing where he wasn't in the mood. Depending on what he is doing with the car its very understandable as most of it is hard work and you won't wanna be tired.

That's sexist and sometimes we don't want sex! Ever thought of that? We want to do other things than have sex all the time

because men aren't anything but talking sex toys, they can't think for themselves or do what they want, nope

dr_snow_bear 29

A women will make you weak in the knees Rocky!

twaumat 28

a woman*

Take that as a complement cause after he makes his car then he will do it. Sex is not a one time thing so chill

kaedynsmom0325 13

Next time he wants to have sex say I'm saving my energy to cook breakfast in the morning..


Husband: Sorry, honey, not tonight. I have to save my energy to make my custom car and you're a distraction. Something like that?

perdix 29

#13, Translation: "You've packed on 70 pounds and I'm banging my secretary."

He could be a fear head most of us are single because our cars are the most important things in our life:)

perdix 29

#38, for all that is good and holy, I hope you meant "gear head." "Fear heads" are afraid of cars and driving and vaginas, and not only are they chronically single, they are rarely seen in public.

... Im a dumbass! Not sure how I failed to notice that after retreading 7 times but thanks perdix.