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By  adraper7484  |  0

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By  haleyashton  |  0

if your mom thinks you'd enjoy going down on her or fucking her in any manner that's jacked up

my mom would've been joking when she said mom actually jokes like that ever since i came out as pansexual.
it's hilarious to me.

but thats a bitch move if it's not a joke.

  royalthehusky  |  2

Pansexuality is having feelings for any human being, no matter what gender. It's not quite bisexuality. Bisexuality only has the two "main" genders- Male and female. Pansexuality includes transgendered, gender fluent, etc.

  _TheAtheist_  |  10

Lol. Pansexuality is a fad, and a joke. If you feel "forced into labels" when people are generous enough to humor you with "bisexuality," you must have been dropped on your head as a baby by your sorry inbreeding excuse for a family.

  Nederlander95  |  14

It's bisexuals who think it isn't different enough so they make up a new word. It's the same thing, there's like 4 other terms for it too, each have slight nuances, they're all the same thing.

By  Mtti  |  0

thats F'ed up, you should tell your mom that if you were straight that would mean

you'd probabaly F&*@£ you're dad....would that be better

but I suppose he has a penis so its all good...right??

tell you're mom to grow up and stop being selfish