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Today, I realized that the only times I get to hang out with my friends outside of school are when one of them accidentally mentions plans in front of me and they are obligated by social protocol to invite me. FML
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I'd say FYL, but it doesn't seem like you have one. Kidding. Get some real friends, OP


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Baha lucky you op. my friends continue ti talk about their plans and don't even invite me at all...

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Yep, every time I read these type FMLs I have to mentally add quotation marks to the word "friends". OP if they only hang out with you for social obligations theyre NOT your friends.

I've been there except my “friends” planned on front of me an didn't invite me but it's okay you'll find some friends trust me

62- thumb up the comment and move on like the rest of us

Penny... Penny... Penny...:) too bad Jim Parsons is gay...

65- I see why your profile picture shows you as the crazy cat lady.

Actually he is excluded in some episodes. There was one where they couldn't decide on a movie/dinner so they ditched him in the apartment. There's another one where the gang eats food with Raj and Pria and Sheldon is left behind. Watch the show next time before making a comment.

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Kaseyyeah, want some aloe for that burn?

You forgot about the episode where Leonard explains how the elevator broke. They took a journey back in time, where nobody liked Sheldon and the group ditched him.

It's not because Sheldon gets excluded, its because he says "social protocol" and such.

62,65,80, and 100- why don't you just give up already?

91 I forgot about that one. I'm so terribly sorry. Oh and 62, you're wrong.

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There's like multiple burns in this thread..where is Kelso when you need him?

Actually, I think you'll find Leonard is the nucleus of the group, and it centres around him. If you'd seen the episode in which they flash back to when Leonard moved in with Sheldon, you would know this. They all go out and try to leave Sheldon behind. Even without seeing that episode, it's blatantly obvious that the others find Sheldon annoying and do try to not include him sometimes. Know what you're talking about before talking crap and arguing with people.

That comment was aimed at 80, sorry I forgot to add that!

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#106 you are making it worse with every comment just shut up and move on

actually, he noted that it probably was the best option, but only after they bailed on him. Sheldon still thought he was coming, but they ditched him without his approval. I know this show, you don't, **** off.

and again, Kasey, that's not even why he made the joke about Sheldon. It was because he says "social protocol". I only proved you wrong about the episodr because I have a compulsive need to fix idiocy.

You just replied to my point and said that you had disproved all my points. You didn't disprove it. and did you read my other comment? Wow. I give up

Kaseyyeah: yeah but he's bat crap crazy so the plans pretty much have to revolve around him... For the good of others...

Anybody else get really annoyed when people reference other comments and they are no longer there?

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I agree O_o" I think it's time to stop referring to them as "friends."

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I'm sorry, but I hate when people say that. Just because something goes wrong you do not immediately give up on someone or assume something. You need to talk to them about it. You never know, maybe it was just a big misunderstanding. Or maybe you should socialize with that friend more. Maybe the friend doesn't feel as close to you as other friends. There are so many reasons they could be doing that.

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Ok, sorry about the confusion in my last comment. It should say "or maybe that friend doesn't feel as close to you as other friends."

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Every group has that one person that nobody really likes but they still hang out with for some stupid reason. If you can't figure out who it is in your group, it's probably you.

at least they invited him. no one should be forced to hang out with done they don't want to. but op does need new friends that actually like him.

Why not ask to hang out with them instead of them just telling you about the plans, and thus are invited? Maybe they are so used to doing the planning that just expect you to accept the invite.

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I don't understand. How come 1 said the same thing as 3, but before, and yet 3 got 61 thumbs up and 1 only has 1?

Either you need some new friends, or you need to talk to them more and stop being the ninja that doesn't socialize

It's not always that you don't socialise, sometimes you just don't get fully accepted. I have the same problem. I know how it feels, OP!

Or OP could secretly let out his/her plans, and be forced sociality to invite them : P

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ninja is such an overused term now- OP, youre not an antisocial ninja; you have friends. i think you just need to find new ones, that purposefully invite you places.

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It might just be me, but If I were aware of the fact I was only invited out of courtesy, I wouldn't show up at all. It probably only fuels the fire for them to, talk crap about you and intentionally not invite you in the future. I would stick to myself until I found real friends that enjoyed my company.

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Seems like the perfect ninja to me.

I'd say FYL, but it doesn't seem like you have one. Kidding. Get some real friends, OP

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13- Your name is a very good question.

That is so sad. You probably need to be a bit more outgoing & confident. I was like that. I joined clubs & took up basketball outside of school and met some really lovely people. Plus this gave me more confidence to be more outgoing at school. Good luck!!

This is a very helpful comment. One of the better ones in awhile. OP you should listen to this man/woman/boy/girl!

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It could be could have no friends, then you wouldn't be invited to anything. So go make more friends!

8- I believe almost anyone in the world would rather not be invited to anything, than be invited only out of courtesy by people who don't enjoy his/her company.

Friends- pretending to be your friend one day at a time.

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How are they your friend if they are pretending to be your friend?

Jeez I think a lot different than most. Sorry to everyone who doesn't understand me.

I don't think you understand yourself right now

Friends pretending to invite you places while pretending to be your friends while pretending to understand what I'm saying.

Why is it always the witty people getting thumbed down?! The original comment was a good comment. What happened, you guys?

I don't get it either. Just being my witty self (:

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OP, I hope you realize those people aren't truly your friends. In my experience, it's better to be alone until you find people who actually care about you. The realization that no one wants you around always hurts more than a plan-free weekend. Good luck finding people worth your time!

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Very true - it is better to be alone (preferably with cats)

It seems you haven't taken the hint. As bad as this sounds, they likely aren't your friends. Or you guys are just casual acquaintances. If they are making plans outside of school and not inviting you, then you are not as close as you feel you are. It is going to suck, but you need to talk to them about this. Tell them you feel left out and why do they feel the need not to invite you. You might not like the answer, but it could also be a good thing. They could inform you of behaviors that make them uncomfortable. Either way, it seems as if they do not want you around and as such you should stop forcing yourself into social situations with them. Look for new friends.