By qhorin halflung

Prank culture has gone too far

Today, on the bus, my blood sugar level got too low and I passed out. When I came to, the woman next to me was hitting me, saying she needed to get off and that she didn't have time for my, "stupid fucking prank." FML
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  pedopears  |  18

to be honest, nowadays we have a lot of people doing those social experiments and sometimes even pranks ( where people faint/claim they need hell) that some people (that experienced those before) dont believe when someone really needs help (especially a young person). Its really inconsiderate of her to assume that its a joke, because that woman wouldnt want others to think it is a joke when she faints too...

  missambitious  |  21

I was standing up on a bus a couple of years back and got a horrible vertigo attack and fell and hit my head on a seat, causing me to pass out. When I came to, I apparently fell on someone and he was yelling at me to get the fuck off of him. I was very disoriented at first and I did apologize for falling on the guy. People took out their phones to take pictures, but no one bothered to help me or even ask if I was ok. So I feel for you OP. I really do.

By  AmberElise96  |  12

Story of my life! I passed out in the mall one time and no one believed I was diabetic. Apparently my medi-alert bracelet and pump weren't obvious enough and I'm "too young" to be diabetic.

  beautyxo  |  11

Diabetes is when your pancreas doesn't give insulin so u need insulin injections. You need to manage your levels, it gets high when you eat too much without insulin or not enough insulin. So OP here probably had too much insulin, missed their meal, or just stress or something, that's what happens to me ✌?️ I feel your pain OP

  AmberElise96  |  12

Type 1 Diabetes goes both ways. My pancreas doesn't make any insulin so I have to give it through my pump (a replacement for shots). If I don't give enough insulin my sugar spikes, if I give to much it drops.


I voted YDI because they clearly didn't take precautions steps to ensure this didn't happen. Also, I've been diabetic for 13 years, so I think I have a say in this, haha.
(I did also vote, "Your life sucks" though, since being diabetic and in that situation sucks ass anyway)

  PharmacyJoe  |  13

56, I've been a type 1 diabetic for eighteen years and a bus rider for four. Have you ever tried testing on a crowded bus? It's damn near impossible, especially if you're already going hypo. Depending on their age/how long they've been diabetic, OP may not have been able to "feel" the low coming on as many young diabetics can (Before my grandfather passed he had absolutely no ability to differentiate between how he felt normally and how he felt when he was going low, which led to very many paramedic visits). To say that OP deserves this because you don't think he was combatting his diabetes appropriately is not only insulting, but is unsubstantiated without knowing more details.

  Razela  |  11

I agree with you #62. I'm a type 1 diabetic and I use shots instead of the pump. Testing my blood sugar on the bus or subway is almost impossible and taking a shot on the bus is actually impossible. Not only that, but that stupid woman should be arrested for assault. Even if she didn't want to help, there was no reason to lay her hand on another person without permission. And the fact that OP didn't immediately wake up should have alerted her to the fact that something was wrong. She is an idiot.


#56, you can take all the precautions in the world, if you're going to feel ill,there's nothing you can do to prevent it. Anything can trigger it,no one wants to be ill. Especially on public transport

  holly_fly  |  34

Who ever said OP had diabetes... I've got a friend with hypoglycemia, and there's no way to check that... She just feels her blood sugar start to drop and tries to get food.