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By dunn76 - 25/12/2014 11:47 - United States

Today, at Christmas dinner, my grandmother talked about the death of every single dog she ever had. All 10 of them. FML
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dunn76 tells us more.

Hi I'm the op. To clarify, yes the dinner happened last night and so the 'today' thing is technically a lie, so sue me. My grandmother is 91 so she doesn't always have a filter as on what is appropriate to talk about. As to the 10 dogs, yes, there were times that she had 2 at a time. Most died of old age, but there were some that stuck out. One died because of cancer when she was a kid, another got hit by a car, and they had to put one down because she wouldn't eat because she was best friends with the dog that got hit by a car. Yes these were sad, but she is a good dog owner. She was tearing up when she was telling the stories. I love my grandmother very much and visit her at least once a week. As to the xmas mood, we decided to stop dinner and open presents to lighten up the mood for my younger sister. So don't worry, we had a good xmas!

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Did the conversation die along with it?

You know all living things die eventually don't you...


That really sounds depressing to me, your grandmother should learn what conversations are meant for another time.

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you would think she already knows given her age

My mom just found out we have to put the dog down. Nobody in the world aside from me and my mom like him because he's high maintenance and bites when he's anxious. We kind of have a special bond with him as a result, so we've been spending lots of time just hanging out and loving on our buddy before he has to go. He still has lots of energy and such, so it's been really special. Death isn't always a sad thing.

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you do realize that no one on fml write a post at the time of the incident, right?! It is not like a women would find her husband cheating on her and the first thing she does or pops to her mind is writing a post on fml.

He probably wrote the Fml yesterday and It got featured or popular (whatever it's called) Today.

also the time it shows is not necesarily the posters time zone.

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You know all living things die eventually don't you...

maybe she had multiple (even like 3 or 4) of them at the same time over the years at a given time then it would just be that they reached their lifespan..

Not of they were all Saint Bernards or another breed of oversized dog. Those things only live several years if I'm not mistaken.

This woman is a grandmother. Chances are she's in her 50s or 60s or maybe even older. Dogs live on average 10-13 years; if she had multiple dogs at once since she was a child, this is more than plausible.

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Maybe they're in a different part of the world?