By 00Evan - 05/04/2009 13:48 - Australia

Today, while working at a Subway store right next to a big hospital, there was a big line of people all getting their subs toasted. Without turning around, I asked the next person in line, "I'll bet you want yours extra toasted?" She was a burns victim from the hospital. FML
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00Evan tells us more.

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Hey, I'm the original poster. I think comment #78 has the right idea - I wasnt saying it in a rude way, just sort of jokingly, since the last few people had all said toasted. Was just putting theirs in the oven and getting her order at the same time.

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Oh, that's awful...

Why bother making an assy remark like that in the first place, burn victim or not? What were you thinking? >_


Oh, that's awful...

I know u don't deserve it was just natural for u to say it cause so many people wanted theirs toasted but poor lady she doesn't want to think about fire or anything hot.

Subway is like prostitution. Paying someone else to do your wifes job >p

Oh my god! My chin just hit the floor whilst reading the last line. I'm so sorry OP.

That is just pure bad luck my friend.

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And first! (wow, for some reason when I clicked on the home page no one had clicked FYL or YDI on any of the new ones)

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i work at subway as well. and you deserved that if your going to be so rude to customers.

#3, you made a whole new post to talk about how you were first? HUGE fucking fail. Since I'm a person who actually likes to make replies RELEVANT to the FML... I lol'd.

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that's strange... cuz that post isn't relevant to the fml. hahaha

the I Lol'd part was.

Why would a burn victim be outside the hospital? Unless it was an older burn...

they might live next to the hospital and got hungry or they couldve just got out of the hospital and got hungry. think of the options, not just the first thing that comes to your head.

#4 - How is that rude?

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Lol, that's what you get for trying to be funny...

Why bother making an assy remark like that in the first place, burn victim or not? What were you thinking? >_

Just an impulse thing I suppose. As OP stated there was a long line and perhaps he got a little vexed and let a few words slip.