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Today, my girlfriend dumped me via text message. The sad thing is that I left my fiancée of 5 years to be with a girl I worked with at Walmart. My ex-fiancée is now a doctor. I still work at Walmart. FML
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YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING! Haven't you heard the phrase don't leave the one you love for the one you like because the one you like will leave you for the one you love?


as long as you loved her I don't think it was a stupid decision

The real FML here is that he still works at Walmart.

it's people like them that makes the world how it is between men & women. but I do love it tho >=]

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Someone probably should've told you that those cheesy "I don't want *awesome things*! I want YOU!" scenarios never work in real life. Then should be pretty ******* obvious why they never do.

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oh my goodness the cheating is implied

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That doesn't make any since. Is this some sort of love triangle? Whatever. Don't have kids.

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Senesce. Since. Sense. ^^^Yes, I /guess/ they look similar...? Sense. You are looking for the word " sense. "

Mintcar, you seriously need to stop correcting people. When you make a mistake, I will be there to correct YOU. >:D

Stop capitalising everything. It makes you look stupid.

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Okai next mistaike I mayke u correkt In all seriousness, if I ever make a spelling mistake I would hope for someone to correct me. isn't that the point?

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Mintcar, I doubt anyone would ever get the chance to correct your mistakes. Every time I see one of your mistakes, it's always you right under your comments... correcting your self. lol Selena, feel free to correct me. I **** up a lot. (:

I don't see why people get angry when someone corrects a spelling/grammar mistake. Sure, they sound like douchebags, but at the same time you learn something, and sound less ignorant the next time you talk.

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I agree with Mintcar. I often make grammer mistakes, and unless it was intentional, I'd rather be corrected. So that maybe in the future I won't type like a moron. Yeah, it makes you feel like a dumb ass sometimes but if you don't care about your spelling then you probably are one. (: After all she is one of the fairly nicer grammer Nazis here.

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when you fall. I'll catch you :)

I was just kidding sourgirl. :) everyone makes mistakes...

That was a stupid decision that he made!! He totally deserved it!!!

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Sorry pedantik, but there's more than one way to spell grammar.

Sorry, but no. There is only one correct way to spell grammar.

Wait wait, shhhh! Hang on, everyone. Glorialaura is about to astound us by telling us the alternate spelling of "grammar". Ok, Glorialaura. I'm seething with anticipation. Wow me!

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Sorry, I don't know what came over me. But yes it is very mature to correct spelling errors of others, especially in the case of a trivial homophone confusion. I'm sure nobody had any idea what I was talking about before you enlightened them AND showed you have at least a 3rd grade education.

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If you learned that back in third grade you shouldn't have misspelled it. Some people may have obsessive tendencies, and just NEED to tell you that you misspoke about something. I do that often, and sometimes I am corrected by others as well. It's a learning process and you shouldn't be so snippy about it.

WOW. What the ****. Stop this now. I'm damn sure that this has NOTHING to do with the actual fml. -______- So, anyways, I think it's YDI because, yes, it's fine to choose who you want to be with (unless you cheated). BUT, this dude...How dare he....*takes deep breathe* HE left her and now he is only regretting it because the other girl left him and the ex had a better future. OP sounds like the typical annoying bug of an ex that breaks an girls heart for another girl, get's dumped, regrets it, then pesters the girl about getting back together. Seriously, HE broke off with her so he shouldn't be regretting his's called RESPONSIBILITY. Also, it was for such a reason like her career...OP sounds pretty low to me. Suck it up, you made that decision.

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lol I luv when grammar nazis and anti grammar Nazis argue with each other ?

YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING! Haven't you heard the phrase don't leave the one you love for the one you like because the one you like will leave you for the one you love?

Uh, no I haven't. So that means the girlfriend left him for the doctor?

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Are you saying that your ex-fiancé and your ex-girlfriend are lesbians now? JERRY! JERRY! JERRY'

let me retry this: never leave the one you love for the one you like because the one you like will leave you for the one THEY love.

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I've heard it was "If you can't be with the one you love, Love the one you're with." but maybe it's just a song.(:

30, wrong again! You're using a plural pronoun and it doesn't say anywhere that op was seeing two people at once!

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Actually, no, 60. They is used as a plural pronoun, but it is also used as a singular one when the noun is general. In 30s phrase, the noun was never specified on being a girl or a guy so they (another example and I didn't check if it was a guy or girl) is allowed to be used.

She is not a doctor..... she is just a dentist.

sourgirl101 28

Pendatik, my head is spinning reading your comment! And yes, it comes from a 60's rock song.(:

Umm #92... what? I have no idea who you are talking to but a dentist actually IS a doctor. So are pharmacists (I'm going to school to be one :P ), their degree is called a PharmD aka Doctor of Pharmacy. Physicians are not the only doctors. In fact, more doctors are NOT physicians.

Not to belittle pharmacists and their contributions, but you're hardly qualified to be a physician, regardless of the way you chose to phrase your comment. A PhD in anything does not a doctor make, but spending 4 years in med school plus residency does.

A pharmacist is not qualified, in any way at all, to be a physician. Completely different programs. Pharmacists go through their own 4 year program upon the completion of a bachelor's degree in a science such as chemistry, biology, biochemistry, etc. I was basically trying to say that there are many types of doctors, and dentists are one of them. Even though you wouldn't typically think of them as a doctor, they are.

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I'm guessing y'all haven't seen the Hangover. I think that was the joke...

I don't agree Britney. The term doctor usually implies a doctor of osteopathic or alleopathic medicine. I know people with a PhD in fine arts and that in no way makes them a doctor, but, they do have a doctorate degree.

way to go, idiot. YDI. I hope your ex-fiance is laughing at your misfortune.

I'm not sure what to put because we don't know the whole story between you and your ex-fiancee...

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****** win. I just wanna know where da gold at!

Could be a crackhead! Got ahold to da wrong stuff! Toldemma go up in da tree and play a leppakon!

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Well that sounds like it's your fault. I'm not an expert, this is just speculation.

rofl...well I'm no expert but sure sounds like ur right no the money...