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Today, I got lost trying to find the hospital my sister was giving birth in. I stopped at a store to call my mom for directions. A cop pulled up beside me and knocked loudly on my window asking me to get out. The store had been robbed and I am now a suspect. FML
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  MissErikaHart  |  0

well Vegas is the fastest growing city in the America for like 6 years strait...last time I checked anyways it still was. it's also the entertainment capitol of, what's that thing..? oh yea, the world. thanks for visiting and generating the revenue over here :-*

  bishoprsv2  |  0

Same thing happened except it was my brother giving birth and I was asking my home phone for directions.

I punched the cop, devoured his flesh, leaving no evidence, and drove his car to the hospital. The sirens cut my commute by 15 minutes and I delivered the baby by ripping it out of his stomach.

  FYLDeep  |  25

I'm guessing he just stopped cause he didn't know where the fuck he was going. If you don't have a destination in mind there's no point to continue driving. The fact that he had stopped at a store wasn't important at all. He could have stopped on the of the road somewhere. He just happened to pick the store as a place to stop, probably because it was geographically convenient for where he was at the time. The only reason the store is worth mentioning is because it was robbed, and he happened to be right next to it.

Every action the OP made seems completely logical to me.