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Today, my long-distance boyfriend arrived, took off my bra and told my boobs, "I missed you guys", then took off my panties and said, "Hey buddy" to my vagina before saying he missed me to my face. FML
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My bf isn't the most publicly affectionate guy (and I'm not the most publicly affectionate girl either, so it works out) so we saw each other with friends for a few hours before retreating back to spend time with just each other. I found this to be really funny, I just wanted to share it and didn't really have anyone to talk to about it and stuck it on here, never expecting it to be published. It's not like he hadn't said anything along those lines, just as far as saying "I missed you" my boobs and ****** got those first lol Nope, my boyfriend is wonderful and makes me laugh like crazy, and I'm even sitting in his apartment visiting him for a few days right now, laughing at all the comments on this post.

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How did you not stop him taking off your pants and undies before it got to that?!


WavRace 14

Take notes gentleman, this is how you get on the "no no" list.

Shadowvoid 33

Hey, he saved the best for last. OP should be happy

I would laugh if my boyfriend did this. ?

#45, exactly! I think it's cute and it's something I could imagine my hubby doing if we were apart for a while. Of course that's only if both know that he genuinely loves her and isn't just visiting for the sex.

psychopolarbear 28

I think it's hilarious. Kudos to him for being creative.

#45 agreed. I feel like it would be a little insulting/disrespectful if he said it to her face first then to her breasts/******. Kind of like saying Hi/I missed you to someone then walking away to spend time with someone else

Idk what #21 is talking about because this would be funny as hell if my boyfriend did this. XD But, ya know, *Timmy Turner's dad voice* if I had one.

How did you not stop him taking off your pants and undies before it got to that?!

Because she wanted it, just as much as he did!!!

He's her boyfriend. Why should she? If they missed each other maybe she was expecting him to get passionate

imagine if they saw each other at the airport...

Because we were in my bedroom in the heat of the moment, and it wasn't anything bad, just funny I thought other people could appreciate too lol

at least now you know what he really wants

mds9986 24

Sounds more like he was joking with her. I can't see how somebody would seriously do this.

I think talking to him about how that was extremely inconsiderate might be a good idea. Missing sex with your partner is one thing but putting their actual body before the person is incredibly rude and I'd imagine a little disheartening.

I think he was joking #6 or OP wouldn't of let him take off her clothes.

she allowed it... she let him remove her clothes without speaking up on it so obviously she was all for it.

That may not ALWAYS be the case 33 (though in this situation, I think you're right). If someone doesn't say anything, it doesn't necessarily mean they're giving the okay. They could just be nervous. When in doubt, always always ALWAYS ask! A "Yes, please rip my clothes off" is way sexier than a quiet person doing the dead-body position.

He's either being funny or he genuinely loves the sex more than you.

I'm pretty sure that if he loved the sex more than OP, he wouldn't be in a long-distance relationship. That's a lot of effort for sex that could be found in his own city..

It was a joke, he treats me wonderfully and it wasn't something I was really upset about, just that I found funny and i figured other people could get a kick out of too lol

I feel so sorry. How many times do you have to say it for people to get it? Kids these days.

And you didn't mention something to him...

How did this get more likes than dislikes?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

I'm sure he was just trying to be funny about coming to see you..I would get to excited about that..

therealjc_fml 14

Depending on the distance he was probably really excited to see you.....all of you.