By allison_fishing - 25/10/2012 04:37 - United States

Today, I woke up with pink eye. My mom tried to help by putting drops in. It started burning like hell; she didn't understand why. It turns out she was putting ear drops in my eye. FML
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If this ever happens again, quickly put some eye drops in your ears.

Niceeeeee, that would be why you read the label before you try and use something... FYL OP hope you feel better.


bobbybill0519 7

There are several other holes that could've hurt worse in.

It still hurts!! It's not like you get it in your eye, then you think about how much worse it would be in another hole, and then the pain stops! No! That's not how it works!! It.Still.Hurts!!!

Mister_Triangle 21

It would also hurt more to be stabbed. What's your point? This isn't "list things that could cause more pain than what actually happened dot com"

BellaBelle_fml 23

I'm not too sure about that. The eyes are very sensitive to foreign objects and liquids. Since they were ear drops, it shouldn't hurt the ears. It probably wouldn't hurt the nose either. As for the mouth, other than it most likely tasting disgusting, it shouldn't burn too much. The only holes left are the genitals and anus, and I don't see it burning those too much either.

CharresBarkrey 15

I feel like the eyes are literally the worst place to put ear drops in, pain-wise.

Yeah, id rather have ear drops on any other place on my body than my eyeballs.

Am I the only one wondering how he knows this?...

See! Moms make mistakes too! Sorry OP! :(

Niceeeeee, that would be why you read the label before you try and use something... FYL OP hope you feel better.

This exact thing happened to me when I was little. My mom had put the homemade version of ear drops in an actual eyedrops container. She then put the "eyedrops" in my eye and told me to suck it up when I said it hurt like hell. After a minute, she sniffed the container and told me to rinse it out.

Wow. A lesson. Always read labels. (I need to follow this too.) Sorry, the person above me beat me to it!

DW about it, we posted at basically the same time, seems like you're getting more thumb up anyways. Haha

eye can't even begin to imagine the pain you would have experienced...

I 'ear ya, mate!

Now her eyes do, too.

I see what you did there

I accidentally put nose drops in my eyes once. Makes me feel really glad I had no pain, just freakishly dilated pupils. Sorry OP.

Well... begin to imagine it burning like hell

If this ever happens again, quickly put some eye drops in your ears.

jacquesromualdez 12

How old are you? You could've checked the bottle first and apply it yourself. But if you're too young, fyl OP.

Because age determines whether or not the bottle label was read.. Pretty sure the mother didn't read it, either. Oh no! They must both be foetuses!

I know plenty of people that ask for help when putting drops in their ears or eyes!

zingline89 18

How earitating

Yeah it must be so eyenoying.

I SEE what you're doing!

Wow that must hurt. Like the time my mom was helping me put contacts in for the first time and put Clean Care solution straight into my eye. That's practically peroxide, and the pain was beyond belief!:0

BellaBelle_fml 23

Ouch, I've done that as well, once, and that was all it took to get me to never do that again. I'm going to go out on a limb here, I'm pretty sure that, that pain is comparative to the pain of stepping on a Lego while barefoot.

perdix 29

Aw, eye'm sorry.

Eye see what you did there.

zingline89 18

Beats her using hemmoroid cream to treat a canker sore.

KiddNYC1O 20

Oh lord. Haha.