Pleased to see me?

By Lukev7 - 12/09/2009 13:14 - Australia

Today, it was my first day at Military School. Our commander walked into the sleeping quarters, instructing us all to get up and stand at the foot of our beds. I had morning wood, which the commander wasted no time in addressing in front of the rest of the room. FML
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"We're in the military son! You better not be firing blanks!"

well at least ALL of you was standing at attention


Get used to it. It's the Military mother fucker.

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Damn right! This is Morning-Wood Academy.

Lmao. Family Guy.

#1, exactly. MASH is not an accurate prediction of military life, OP, great show that it is. Though it's still funny, and really even if you were berated it's okay since y'know most guys have morning wood at some point.

hahahaha sucks for u

Morning wood is my favorite kind of wood. Be proud.

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Mine too haha

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that explains the baby...

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What is morning wood?

"We're in the military son! You better not be firing blanks!"

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This FML + your comment = beginning to a wild and crazy orgy porn

This FML + your comment = pure win

I try my best. It usually works out well =D

you no what would happen if I jacked off right now? a little flag would could come out that says bang

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yaaa don't steal from family guy corbin

well at least ALL of you was standing at attention

Too true =D

I thought in the military you were supposed to salute?

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he did

Really, did he Mr. Obvious?

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"Sir! The cadet feels that it is his duty for all of the cadet to stand at attention, sir!"

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haha if he had the guts to say that I'm pretty sure he'd be promoted instantly XD also, to the OP: excuse my military ignorance, but how would he "address" it? Do you mean that he acknowledged it, announced it, or actually tried to 'address' it IE rectify it somehow o.O

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He's just really good at making privates stand at attention.

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bow chicka bow wow!- private griff red vs blue

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i just wanna stand here and look at my privates... - sarge bloopers lol

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Dude, it's the Military. Get used to it. If you go all whiney just because he mentioned that you had morninng wood to the whole room, then you're not cut for the military. You obviously don't know how Military camp works.

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he said it was the first fucking day...

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not even military. military school. just a school. no obligation. learn your shit fuckers

Jeez calm down! It was only his first day!! Lol

ha thats kinda funny. but still. military IS hard and tough. you got to get used to it. they dont do this kinda stuff for the fun of it. well i guess some do but still. they try to train you.

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well any kind of military training is at least 75% mental they just mess with you the entire time at least in the Marines they do idk about the army, navy, or air force

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The army does. My friend came back from basic completely changed. And i cant wait to go to basic!

"To which the commander waisted no time in adressing in front of the rest of the room." *Cringe* But anyway, I personally wouldn't really find this embarrassing at all (unless everyone was laughing at your unusually small dick?). It's the military, you're going to get yelled at for something. Even when you go through basic with all your shit together you'll still get woken up some night at 2 AM and have your shit poured out and searched while you get chewed out. It's all mind games that prepare you to be mentally and physically tough.

not to be rude or anything, but what are you on about? i've read it seven times and i still see it as being spelt 'wasted'...

#31 - On 09/12/2009 at 2:31pm by Alan (FML Staff) Mod fixed.

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He doesn't WANT to be in the Military. Well, I actually don't know if he does or not, but I'm assuming he doesn't. It's Military SCHOOL. Y'know, the kind that parents send their kids to, because they don't want to deal with them? Sexually exploiting a teenage boy like that is never cool.

You didn't just actually use the phrase "sexually exploiting" to describe this did you? Wow.

sexually exploiting? I don't think thats what this is...

Sexually exploiting? That's not what is happening here.

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whats morning wood?

When guys get erections in the morning.

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It is better to remain quiet and have people think you are an idiot than open you mouth and remove all doubt. Go Google it.

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ohhh hahah that makes sense. Search engines help those who help themselves. ;)

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and #16.. stfu please. it was a question so stop pmsing.

Haha 21

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Why are you retarded?

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way to quote Abraham lincoln while referring to sex

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123 - he was quite the deviant himself, so why not. Look it up.

oh dear. everyone gets morning wood so who gives a shit? like everyone said, it's the military. get used to it. besides, morning wood is the best wood.