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OP here. Just a few things I'd like to clarify: 1. We both live with our parents, and we have a dog together. I had been taking care of his dog while his parents were at work, before I had to go to work myself. He told me his mom rushed out of the house that morning without letting out our dog, and asked me to get there ASAP. So, when I got there, I saw he was home a few days earlier than anticipated. Turns out it was his way of surprising me, which was super sweet. 2. We're on a level where calling each other asshole, dick, and other such things is fine — it's more of a term of endearment at this stage. 3. I'm lucky enough that, once I explained to my boss what happened, he just laughed and told me to make good choices. Thank God for understanding bosses!

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ALWAYS double check whom you have selected as the recipient, particularly if it's a less than friendly message.

Nice way to talk to someone you supposedly care about. I can see why he is avoiding you.


Is he an asshole too?

ALWAYS double check whom you have selected as the recipient, particularly if it's a less than friendly message.

Well, what did you say?

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She was probably saying it in a joking way. I know a lot of people who do that with their friends or partners, and I've done it once or twice. And in her defense, she kinda has a right to be frustrated with him for not mentioning he was home. She probably wanted to see him.

I call the ones I care about most names like fgt, cunt, bitch, and a whole lot of others. It's used in an affectionate way and shows how close you are. Like you have to be comfy with someone to call them that without them getting mad about it.

you must be fun at parties

So by your logic, a boyfriend has a right to simply avoid/ignore his girlfriend if she jokes like this? Let's say OP's boyfriend doesn't like being called an asshole, even in a joking way. The way to handle it is to just avoid her? Even though they are in a relationship, which means they have some sort of commitment? Alright.

It's probably a joke

@14, whats a fgt?

Was there a particular reason you going to his place while he was supposed not be there?

Maybe she lives with him or stays at his house to look after it while he isn't home? There are so many different reasons...

This was exactly my first thought. I understand there are a few reason the OP could be going to their boyfriend's house while the boyfriend was away, but the ones you mention didn't seem particularly likely due to the wording. OP stated my boyfriend's house, implying it was not OP's. All in all, seems weird that OP went over there when boyfriend wasn't expected to be there, messaged him instead of just knocking and it ended up going to the boss. Seems like there's more to the story, otherwise it would be: Today, I thought I was jokingly texting my boyfriend, calling him an "asshole". My boss responded a few minutes later asking if it was for him. FML. Just seems like inclusion of all the specific details means something. And the absence of other details like "I was house sitting". Maybe OP will elaborate.

She was expecting him. Probably went over to greet him when he showed up.

We both live with our parents (we're working college students with amazing parents), but we have a dog together. Our dog stays at his house though, and since his parents work and he's out of town, I've been going over and staying there during the day before work. He texted me early that morning saying his mom had messages him and said she rushed out of the house that morning without letting Trigger out, and so he asked me to go check on him ASAP. So when I got there and saw he was home (much earlier than he led me to believe), I was surprised and excited, and I cried some (I'm a baby, don't judge me). So, I texted him while I composed myself in the car. So, I'm not a creepy girlfriend stalking my boyfriends house — just a doting owner who doesn't know how to function an iPhone.

#29, you should hear me and my boyfriend...I don't think we've used any "proper" terms of endearment towards each other in years, lol! Pretty sure I said to him just last night "I love you, ya big freak" to which he responds by saying he loves me also and tries to prove I'M the freak by reciting something strange/quirky I did in the past week... *Edit* I don't know how my comment ended up here

@31 Reminds me of how Amy Pond's most common term of endearment for her husband, Rory is stupid face.

Coulda been he was getting ready to surprise you. Definitely something I've done in the past and sure I'm not the only one.

While it does really suck that you accidentally sent it to your boss, at least he asked if it was meant for him instead of jumping to conclusions and promptly firing you. I think it's safe to say that everyone has accidentally sent a text to the wrong person. I really hope your boss was understanding. Oh, and on the bright side, your boyfriend is home!

Wait, if you knew he was gone, why were you going over to his house?

Perhaps they live together or she was going there to water the plants or get the mail.

dump his as!

Really? For coming home early? That's a little extreme.

? that sucks but it can happen to anyone. My coworker accidentally sent our boss a middle finger emoji in a group chat just this morning. Luckily, our boss thought it was funny