By Lovesick - 30/1/2021 01:58 - Australia - Brisbane

Puppy love

Today, my husband is furious because I accused him of being in love with my best friend. He talks about her constantly, perks up like a puppy when she comes over, and occasionally only gets erections if I talk about her. Even the kids have noticed how moonstruck he is. FML
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By  mando  |  10

It's a shame, but maybe it's time to face reality. If everything backfires, then go with a majority vote. If hubby and kids are happier elsewhere, let them do so instead of holding on to false hope.

By  Malachi Malachi  |  3

you need tackle that shit sister. or maybe its to late. or maybe your friend is not your friend. you see... YOU shouldn't have to ask your self these questions or even have to do this . get your man in check and it you need to check your"friend" or .. get a new... mainly insert you loiness nature. or you queendom will fall