By Anonymous - 2/10/2020 05:04

NRA fanboy

Today, I finally confronted my husband about his silicon *wedding ring* having rifle bullets on it. He said, "I love you as much as I love guns." I clarified, "As much as?" to give him an out. He replied, 100% serious, that he really loves his guns. FML
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By  Chazzster  |  20

Maybe I’m old fashioned, but doesn’t the bride to be, buy the groom to be’s, wedding ring and vice versa? If that’s the case why did you buy him that ring?

And if you didn’t buy his ring, don’t you wish you had now.

By  be82tw  |  17

'I clarified, "As much as?" to give him enough rope to hang himself. '. Ftfy.

We don't need to be admiral Akbar to realize we're in a trap. In situations like this the only option is to double down with a straight face and brass it out 😋😁