By Amanda G Rich - 25/11/2020 02:02

Lose the boyfriend, not the weight

Today, yet again. my boyfriend told me I'm getting fat, even after I told him to stop and that it's affecting my mental health. I had an eating disorder previously, and now I'm thinking about going back to just eating an apple a day. FML
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By  samomaha  |  17

Why are you still with him?

By  Rydiel  |  11

I mean you obviously shouldnt go back to just eating an apple a day, but theres nothing wrong with staying healthy, maybe just exercise? and obviously if he's just being a dick then dump him, that being said without more info we don't know if hes being a dick about it or if him just bringing it up makes him a douche.

  coius  |  23

Exercise doesn’t make you lose weight. I’ve found that out after exercising 2 years and not losing a pound. Once I cut sugar and most carbs out of my diet (i still occasionally had some beer), it dropped off like a rock from a cliff. I lost 80lbs by changing my diet, and not a bit of exercise was done in that time.

By  Lydmyers  |  8

Yes you DO need to lose weight.
Get rid of the dead weight that this this guy, thinking he can treat you like that.

You deserve SO much better.
You deserve to be happy, and have someone who appreciates you.