By car_FAILure - 23/02/2010 05:17 - New Zealand

Today, I went to Uni. I woke up at six and got to the station as the train was leaving. I was congratulating myself on my brilliant skill when, as we passed the carpark, I saw I had left my headlights on. It later cost more for the lead to jump start my car than it would have to drive to Uni myself. FML
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Stories like these make me glad my car's lights automatically turn off. :D On the other hand, OP, a good set of jumper cables is something you should always have anyway.

jumper leads r cheap and u should have a set in ur car anyway


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1 and 8 both need to go away. You only commented on 1 so yours could be at the top. Hisssssssssssss.

Wait, so your keys were still in the car? You lucky no one stole it, or anything inside it.

stop hating # 11. just because u didn't get there first. stop being so bitter!

Yeah don't headlights turn off when you turn the car off, even high beam

#22, for many cars you don't have to have keys in for the headlights to work.

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op ydi for owning a car and going to uni

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you'd probably have left the lights on at uni too

#40 they deserve it for owning a car? your pic is a car...

Dumbass. You didn't notice the loud dinging noise as you opened the door??

#25: Obvsly not, have u ever seen my comments anywhere as near the top before???

bigtaytay 13

yea thats what a lot of people do. quit crying that you werent first

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The lead to jump your car? I'm confused...

erhm *douchebag* erhm. Who said that?!?

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yeah. who you gonna call? **** SUCKERS. :D.

Says the fag who still watches WWF. You're a cocksucker. ^-^

bigtaytay 13

sweet. and why dont u get your facts straight since its WWE now

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I'm pretty sure that proves his point exactly.

bigtaytay 13

sure whatever you say. so im a cocksucker for watching the number one show on tv? ok yea i guess that automatically makes u and the other fag better than me

just shut up and watch ur fake wrestling

bigtaytay 13

yea see u know nothing about it, so u cant call it fake cuz its much more than that. but there are people like u on the outside looking in just assuming stuff about it when in reality they dont know anything about it at all

BigTay, just quit while your ahead. Wait, your not ahead, your ass was just handed to you. Oh well.

there's nothing worse than fake wrestling except for when it's so bad you can tell it's fake cough ( wwe ) cough

oh my bad it's definetly not fake that guy just missed punching the other one but he still felt it

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WWE is fixed fighting sorry but it's the truth

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well at least u wont have to buy another lead if that happens again!

jumper leads r cheap and u should have a set in ur car anyway

This is quite a funny story good sir. Next time just drive. No one really gives a shit about carbon emissions.

Yeah, when your children die in hurricanes because of global warming you won't be saying that.

they probly won't say any thing either because they are dead warming??? we had snowfall in 42 states this warming my ass

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Haha, yes, eviltomtom. Less and less people care because more is coming out about poor scientific practices involved in the creation of the theory of global warming. Al Gore is a charlatan and very few of the citizens of his state appreciate his lying self. It's great to see the king of global warming using the electricity of six houses and running one of the biggest houseboats in the state of Tennessee. Ohhhh, but if he buys carbon offsets, everything's a-okay :D!! Dick.

I totally agree with 34. I just got a shit load of snow! suck it up tree hugger!

it's winter you ******* retard! snow doesn't mean no global warming. it hasn't even been very cold!! do you even know what snow is? water from the sky does not disprove a ten year trend of warming. it's like a million degrees in Australia right now! whyyyyyyyyyy are you people so stupid!

...however, the leading scientists coming out and saying there research and data shows no definative warming since 1998 may hinder the global warming theory...

The Earth goes through warming and cooling trends. The Ice Age is example of one of these trends. There is no scientific proof of global warming. It is a lie being spoon fed to you by multimillion dollar coorperations with billions to gain on investments to the stupidity of "tree huggers". get a book and do some research. you have to look back past the past fifteen years. The Earth goes through the trends over long periods of time. Not measurable in decades but over centuries.

boatkicker 4

Actually, LTxBackside, global warming is just simply the heating up of the earth, which IS happening. There's no proof that humans are causing it, but that doesn't mean that global warming is a lie. You pointed out that it happens naturally. Whether or not it's man-made or natural, it's still going to have effects. That said, I don't think that it can be reversed, so we might as well not bother. Our biggest concern, in my opinion, would be to find ways to adapt to a hotter planet. And since it happens slowly, I don't really think that's too big an issue either. Edit: I wont be following these comments, and wont notice if you reply to me.

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What LtxBackside is really saying is this: I regurtitate everything that comes out of Glenn Beck's mouth, with no original thoughts of my own. I am only opposed to the theory of global warming because a liberal came up with the idea. It doesn't matter what they say, if they are liberal, then I will fight their idea sto the death. If George W. Bush said that Jesus was punishing us by slowly heating the earth, I would believe in global warming.

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is there more CO2 in the air than there was 100 years ago? Is CO2 a greenhouse gas? Would you rather breathe CO2 than nitrogen and oxygen? I think you may have the corporation argument a bit ass backwards you brainwashed biscuit eating bulldog. Or maybe someone else can break down their counter argument more simply? Besides the use of conspiracy theories.

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don't start this argument, it's stupid...and yet.....must get my two-cents worth in...MUST VOICE OPINION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!......NO!....I won't contribute to the global warming debate

I hate to rain on the global-warming debate, but do any of you actually live in Auckland, New Zealand? If you did, you would know how ridiculously expensive the parking is in the Auckland City Centre (where most of Auckland's major Universities, and all of the universities accessible by train are). OP wasn't trying to save the planet, she was trying to save money. Free parking at the train station plus a few dollars in train fares is much cheaper than paying for a full day of parking in the city here.

Stories like these make me glad my car's lights automatically turn off. :D On the other hand, OP, a good set of jumper cables is something you should always have anyway.