By Anonymous - 04/06/2011 00:41 - United States

Today, my mom looked through my browser history and saw Chatroulette. She thought I'd gotten into online gambling, and wouldn't believe me when I explained what it really was. After I insisted on showing her, the first chat window to open contained cocks as far as the eye could see. FML
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isn't that what chat roulette is all about?

roslene 0

someone was getting cocky...


isn't that what chat roulette is all about?

Rico_Mal1116 0

They should ip ban all the people that get flagged. That's just plain nasty. I don't think anybody wants be scarred for life!!

chatroulette is where creeps go to pull their shit out .

chatroulette is where creeps... what.

imacreeper 3

Hey, don't talk about my kind like that.

stephmariee17 0

isn't it ironic that there's 69 "I agree, your life sucks"?

XXizzlerXX 0

pervert alert :0!

imacreeper 3

I like the way you think 28. Now there's 66.

I'll look for your mom the next time i'm on it.

kaleighiscool 0

Nooo, ?

I don't get those kind of sites. If I were you, OP, I would have expected that.

I bet your mom now has a new favorite site!

i_love_grrr 0

i agree. love that site lol

futtbuck101 1

Hopefully she's okay with that

#33 your pic made me lol

lol nice pic to go with it

they DO ban you if you show anything. this FML is either ancient or fake.

Susieee_Q 9

Well, at least now she knows you don't have a gambling problem....

I prefer omegle. Just today I kept finding nude girls instead of nude guys. :D

i found a nude tranny one time....

64- Hey man that's racist

I'd thumb up this comment, but it's at 69, with goes with the OP's post so well...

which goes with the comment* I really wish I could edit my posts...

i personally prefer xfire

stephmariee17 0

wow people just cannot take jokes on here. now you all can go ahead and thumbs down this comment too.

35- you pic looks like you a got a little blood on your teeth... JS.

It's just braces

zendaddy0 0

dude jacking off... dude jacking off... now that's a dude jacking off

I thummed it up becausebi thought it was funny :) now its only at 65 dislikes

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Maybe it was a chicken farm?

hamada8311 0

very true

ur a creeper? from minecraft?

GuessWhatKids 13

Was one of them yours?

combo breakerrrrrrrr

ErbodyLuvsDaLulz 4

Fuuck your picture.

don't get mad at him.... everybody has that picture since the 90's lmao

did she get into it then?

rawr means i love you in dinosaur

oocarmelgirl0807 0

That's not awkward...

I agree, its perfectly normal to show ones mother how the average penis looks like these days. OPs mother should be thankful!

BamBarBiYaKergud 2

thats ok if youre girl:)

ViciousFoxes 0

I dont know, I think being on that website is pretty scummy regardless of your gender or sexual orientation.

at least she now knows it's not gambling

could have been betting on the cockfight

roslene 0

someone was getting cocky...

oocarmelgirl0807 0


namhowell 6


BA-BOOM!! (had to join in)

I'm too chicken to be cocky.

89 I for a second idk I thought you said I'm to much of a pussy to be cocky and I cracked up until I read it again.

Thanks for sharing, sassy.

LeadTheWay 5

omg, WIN

I get it! Hurray! :D

deefan101 11

WTF!? thats not awkward at all...

Trupe 3

You know people that do that are such dicks.