By fightingkittens - 19/11/2010 06:07 - United States

Today, my ballet teacher decided to tell us, in detail, about the nasty staph infection she has on her boob. The whole time, she was scratching it. FML
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fightingkittens tells us more.

Feeling better? It's one thing to talk about the drama in one's personal life, as long as the details aren't too.......well, you get it. It's another thing to talk about a staph infection. I've done research in this field, I know how bad it is. There is no way I could have escaped hearing it unless I had left the classroom; she was out of line here.

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FML commenters are usually so stupid that their understanding of the differences between they're, their, and there is nonexistent.

ballerinas are usually so skinny that there boobs are non existent


I'm scared of boobies :(

yay my first first

Yeah, boobs frighten me too. I prefer cawk to be quite honest. Plus there's just something about the feel of a guy's body sensually rubbing against mine that's simply delightful. Gives my little peen a little raise just thinking about it, mhm-MHM!

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41: couldn't agree more.

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i used 2 do ballet but then i quit. it was so damn boring -.-

#1--are you one of those people who just feels the need to click "YDI" every time you see an FML? Get a life shithead.

@72/OP : Bitter much?

78-Dancers face enough discrimination as it is. I can't tell you how many people think I'm anorexic, for one thing. My DOCTOR thinks I'm anorexic, and my parents believe her. Aside from that, people think dancers (ballet or whatever) are sluts. They do. It's not a glorified profession, and requires HOURS of insane work. I'm 13 and doing 9.5 hours a week, more if we have emergency rehearsals. Are you saying you agree with #1? What if I had left out the word "ballet?" Would it then be "YDI for being smart and not skipping school?" Thanks for going through and marking all my posts down, you've just proven your worth.

u spelled it right

u spelled it right

Oh my God, I love Sirin. 41 just got epic trolled.

Oh yummy. Don't deny it, you enjoyed it.

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ballerinas are usually so skinny that there boobs are non existent

FML commenters are usually so stupid that their understanding of the differences between they're, their, and there is nonexistent.

I appreciate the time ad effort you took to write that gay comment nobody cares about if your so much smarter then everyone else here some advice... fuck off

You obviously care if you're replying to it :) Oh, by the way... and* you're* than* here's*

boob size isn't entirely determined by a persons weight..

oh I can't believe I just made that many mistakes... but does it really annoy you that much you have to correct it?

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#7: He isn't 'so much smarter than everyone else'; he is smarter than morons like you.

cat fight lol

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it's ok 3 I agree with you =) hahaha

I care about his comment. it's annoying when morons like you act like you're the shit, when you don't simply know the differences between They're, Their and There or Your and You're.

46 - i know right? I feel horrible for their teachers that have to grade their papers

I am with spoilt, I hate grammar Nazis. Why do y'all care so much about the way someone else writes? Does it hurt your eyes? Does it decrease your mental capacity in some way? I feel like y'all would bitch if someone said "car-a-mel" instead of "car-mel." Maybe it is one of your pet peeves, but that makes you the douche bag who points out everyones mistakes and they usually don't have many friends...:/

Mustang, whether you choose to believe it or not, there have been a few people here who have LEARNED something here. I don't get offended at being corrected because it's an opportunity to improve. I wasn't born knowing all this stuff, but I took constructive criticism for what it was - constructive. Words like "caramel" can be pronounced differently; that's an entirely different entity than not knowing (or understanding) the difference between "then" and "than." And while I cannot vouch for the other Grammar Nazis, I have lots of friends, both here and in real life. Too long; didn't write.

I laugh at all the idiots with a degree in English, you all having fun flippin burgers at Mickey d,s?

51 - Everyone's*

You know why I love your comment? Because it IS pronounced "car-a-mel." Not "car-mel." Look at the spelling. It's caramel.

boobs are hard to stratch

*scratch haha thanks :P

Maphine, thank you for non-defensively correcting your typo after it was pointed out to you. Why would "boobs" be hard to scratch? They are right there in front of you in an easy to reach location. I'd imagine if they itched, you could have at them all day long.

no worries :) it sounds weird but, well its not the location that makes it hard.. I dunno sometimes when you scratch it you can't properly cause it like, moves.. then if you scratch harder it hurts and sometimes it's heaps hard to get the itch to go away. not to mention the fact that it's hard to scratch subtly in public, :)

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Yeah, and when you scratch them you risk getting ugly streach Marks ):

"Streach", lol

maphine, I know exactly what you mean. I'm not very well-endowed, but I've had that issue too.

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I never knew this. Why isn't this sort of thing taught in school?

Wow, way to do her job.

At least you know why she was scratching!

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that's.. awkward

Well, it is International Make Someone Feel Uncomfortable Day.

that explains your dp lol

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I hope she hadn't been using the barre you are holding as a scratching post.

This is the OP, and don't worry, she wasn't.

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Well that's disturbing...