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Today, my hours got cut because I couldn't make it into work when they called me in. Why couldn't I make it in? I was in an interview for a better job. I didn't get the job. FML
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Wow, people really don't understand how that works... Okay, if you've never had that happen to you, you shouldn't comment on it, really people don't show your stupidity... Let's say you work for Krogers (which until I got a better job, I recently did) Krogers will work you the minimum 8 hrs a week, and they'll call you in any other day that they may need you. Now, it's not fair because if they need you they should schedule you anyway, but since you're in a union (which Krogers is) you get only the minimum allowed hours weekly at just a few cents above minimum wage. If you don't come in when they call you in, they won't schedule you for any extra hours beyond what they HAVE to give you. If you come in all the hours that they didn't schedule you but called you in, they'll continue to give you full time hours on a part time allowance. It's a scam a lot of grocery stores and other retailers do to keep themselves with a cashier and you with as little as they can give you and every other employee... Like I said, if you don't know any better, you probably shouldn't comment on things like this... FYL OP

Sucks for you. Should have taken a sick day.


That almost happened to me too, but I'm in the union so they couldn't.

Ydi for not getting the job, you must not be good enough.

you got a pay cut for trying to get a better job

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Unions are very uncommon in texas. so he is screwed

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Cheer up op :). At least u didn't lose your other job. that's what counts.


how does he is she deserve it? FYL

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Wow that sucks Hey. Do any angry people want to help me out here?

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hey, at least you didn't lose the the job you had. getting hours cut is better than getting fired.

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ydi for cheating on your current job

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Ahh 94 lil Wayne reference you win :D

You deserve it for going for another job without even giving a notice to your first job that you were going to leave. Dumb ass.

If he didn't already have the other job why would they give notice at their first job? It would be incredibly stupid to quit before a new job was a definite. The other thing is I'm pretty sure the OP was supposed to be off because you usually only get "called in" when they need someone to replace an employee who is supposed to be there. That having been said, you don't usually need to fill your employers in on what you are doing on your day off, it's none of their business. However some jobs are annoying in that if you can't come in on your day off just because they decided they need you too, they will punish you for not being at their beck and call 24/7.

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damn dude that sucks. at least u dont havto load trucks

That's gotta be the most worthy post for FML ever :/

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i agree. there have been some that actualy made me luagh. this one did not

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The real question are the fml worthy posts ones that make you laugh or ones that make you feel sorry for them? Or one that does both at the same time?

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Um, no, 3. It's his own fault for not being responsible for his own company when he wasn't even SURE he was good enough for the better job. He bailed, YDI.

They were called in which only occurs when you aren't scheduled to be there, such as when another employee calls in sick and they need someone to cover that shift. The OP didn't bail on work, they just didn't change the plans they had already made to instantly accommodate them.

Sucks for you. Should have taken a sick day.

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YDI for trying to get a better job on company time.

it's called calling in sick, dumbass?

I think you're misreading the FML. "Getting called in" usually implies they weren't scheduled for a shift. I interpret this as OP was on the way to the interview (or would be shortly) when they got the call, and their workplace wanted them in within the hour or something. OP said they couldn't make the shift, so said workplace became annoyed, since they didn't get what they wanted. The way this FML is worded makes me wonder if they answered their phone DURING the interview and let the workplace who called know they were in an interview...

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are you asking if it's called calling in sick? Or if he's a dumbass? Or maybe if you're a dumbass?

lol i did read it wrong, myyy bad. :]

16- I think they just placed an inflection at the end of the sentence and assumed because of the inflection there should be a question mark there. Which makes them a dumbass. EDIT: No offense to Rileykins, but I just get annoyed when people include a question mark where there shouldn't be one.

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yeah I know, I was just bein a dick.

no offence taken, but i was indeed saying it as a question.

Riley, how would that have been a question? It doesn't make much sense... needs to be worded differently. ;)

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I got this; "have you ever heard of calling in sick, dumbass?" chickachow.

editting peoples comments is a little off topic ya think?

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not at all ma'am, not at all.

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you should appreciate the fact that you even have a job. YDI.

He doesn't because he got FIRED you moron..

What's wrong with trying to get a better job? Op couldve handled it better, but just cuz you work at mcdonalds or somethin doesn't mean you should love that job and hold it sacred for the rest of your life.

You're all morons. He didn't get fired. His hours were cut from his original job (for example, he used to work 25 hours a week and now he's at 10 a week) and he didn't pass the interviewing process for the higher paying job. All he has is the original job, now with less hours. @23 - For sure, it's stupid to hold something like McDonalds sacred as a job. But it's a wise idea to look for another job while you still have the McDonalds, so you have something to fall back on in the event you don't get the other job.

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22 if your brain was half the size of your boobs, you would leave smarter comments.

I actually had to go back and look rofl, he does make a good point though.

No, he totally deserves it. Should've called ahead to make sure he could have the day off. And he should have made sure he was even WORTHY of the better job, because he obviously wasn't, and he just screwed himself. Way to make yourself work less, buddy.

R u on call 24/7? Otherwise I can't see why they'd penalize u...unless u were an idiot & blabbered "I cdn't come b/c I had an interview!" oh u r from Texas u must have done that!