By WtfDoIDo?! - 02/07/2019 04:00

Today, my girlfriend told me that she wants to marry me and have my children. I’m 15. We've been dating for 3 weeks. FML
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What do you mean what do you do? You run! Far far away.

Hide your condoms.


Something you just know.

What do you mean what do you do? You run! Far far away.

When you find mr. Right, you just gotta try to hold on to him, and not let yourself be limited by such things as age and time! I wish you the best of luck!💕

your childhood was a strange one, wasn't it??

It didn't seem like that at the time...😕

that's usually how that story goes.

Hide your condoms.

hide? you don't even suck your dick in her.

Hiding the condoms sounds kind of counterproductive. Or pro-productive in this case...

🎶 Run, Joey run, Joey run! 🎶

Uh oh... dump her she sounds nuts 😐😩

Make sure you take your first driving lessons in a minivan. Practice saying, “Stop crying or I’ll give you something to cry about,” and other dad phrases. Sell your hoodies and buy khakis and cardigans, Pops!

Yeah... just politely decline.

Sounds about normal for a 15 year old.