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  Moemoemoe_fml  |  0

Are you an idiot? She said TEXTING.

For all we know, she met him at a bar and they exchanged numbers. Or at a party or at whatever other location. It's how it often goes.
People don't exchange numbers online so fast, they exchange e-mail addresses, genius.

By  lettertjes  |  0

Sucks that he turned out to be this terribly clingy. But at least you realized it before you were in a real relationship. So you're just in time to tell him it's not going to work.

By  siobhan7795  |  0

take this from personal experience, do not humour him. do not talk to him do not even interact with him. cut off all ties before he starts google mApping where u live.

By  Gstone5  |  0

thats a guy technique to get you to leave him alone... so wht hes saying inst true.
basically he wants you to fuck off :P
im a guy, i would know the technique

  bartoron  |  0

That's exactly what I was thinking.

Basically, there are two possible outcomes from this situation:

1. Most likely, he's trying to creep you out so you'll leave him alone.
2. In the rare case that he actually is that weird and he's absolutely obsessed with you after only three days, if you feel the same way about him then keep texting him. You two are made to be together.