By Anonymous. - 31/12/2009 05:23 - United States

Today, the guy I've been texting told me he loved me and he couldn't wait to make me his wife, and he couldn't wait for us to have kids and grow old together. I've only known him for 3 days. FML
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loooooooooool_fml 1

Looks like that guy has known you for more than 3 days..

lynzykins 0

Some people have to wait years for their partner to say something like this. Count yourself lucky... and then change your number.


beanstalk0311 0

Just based on the wording of all this ... I think I can safely assume you met him online. Good job. Sounds like you got yourself a catch.

Are you an idiot? She said TEXTING. For all we know, she met him at a bar and they exchanged numbers. Or at a party or at whatever other location. It's how it often goes. People don't exchange numbers online so fast, they exchange e-mail addresses, genius.

waterynuggets 0

Lulz #50 yes, they do. There are people who meet others online and then **** them that same day. It's called Craigslist.

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This is his way of breaking up with her obviously.

SecretlySilent 0

It does sound like she met him online. Which usually automatically means that it's not going to work out.

Sucks that he turned out to be this terribly clingy. But at least you realized it before you were in a real relationship. So you're just in time to tell him it's not going to work.

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RUN AWAY AND NEVER LOOK BACK! hopefully you didnt give him out personal information and this guy will lose interest or at least come to his senses.... O.o

take this from personal experience, do not humour him. do not talk to him do not even interact with him. cut off all ties before he starts google mApping where u live.

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loooooooooool_fml 1

Looks like that guy has known you for more than 3 days..

thats a guy technique to get you to leave him alone... so wht hes saying inst true. basically he wants you to **** off :P im a guy, i would know the technique

That's exactly what I was thinking. Basically, there are two possible outcomes from this situation: 1. Most likely, he's trying to creep you out so you'll leave him alone. 2. In the rare case that he actually is that weird and he's absolutely obsessed with you after only three days, if you feel the same way about him then keep texting him. You two are made to be together.

If she felt the same, do you think she'd be on FML?

I do it all the time. I love you( **** off)

I find it funny how in denial you are that people have the genuine ability to be creepy

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I was thinking that too...or trying to scare her off