By TacoMan32 - Canada
Today, after meeting my new girlfriend, my mom dyed and cut her hair the exact same way my girlfriend has hers. FML
TacoMan32 tells us more :
Holy shit, this got published. I was having a garbage day, and this just made it! Okay, so My girlfriends a red head with medium length hair, while my mom was a blond. They met a few days ago, but when I got home from school yesterday, my mom, low and behold, sported her new hairstyle. When she asked me how I liked it, I was speechless. When I told my girlfriend what had happened, she looked at me like I was crazy ;-; Anyways, I hope I did the follow up right, never done one before
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  MissRaindrop  |  20

A lot of over protective mothers will do it in order to creep their kids out and keep them from dating. I've know a few. They're feckin nuts. And the tactic usually works. A lot of people couldn't keep dating someone if all they saw was their mom every time.