By whyme27 - 09/09/2009 02:41 - Canada

Today, I washed one of my roommates t-shirts. I forgot to remove it before putting it in the dryer, and all the print on the front melted off. It was a gift from his girlfriend. Who has just passed away. FML
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Oh wow, I bet hes gonna love that when he finds out.


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Oh wow, I bet hes gonna love that when he finds out.

just find another one somewhere and pretend it never happened.

high five... but in reality, that really sucks

Gotta love people like #53 who crave attention so they post at #1 so people can see his comment on the top.

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Why did you wash it without his permission? That's kind of an automatic YDI right there, even though you were trying to be helpful.

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I'm leaning towards this train of thought... besides, washing other people's clothes is always a no-no, especially when there are things that need special attention. Someone will ALWAYS be at fault when people switch off.

who says it was without permission? When you've lost someone close it's normal to ask a friend to do some errands for you until you get yourself together. That's probably that the OP was doing, especially since she's his roommate and they're already living at the same place.

How can you not see that cleaning someone elses cloths is a helpful favor?!? Who gives 'permission' to have cloths cleaned?!?! Do you give your mom 'permission' to clean each item of your cloths, week after week?!?!? Actually, there's not enuff info to vote on this one. If the special shirt was in a pile of dirty cloths, it's on him. If OP picked it up from it's own location, then it's on her - and it would be a FHL 'cause she feels sooo bad (I'm detecting that many of you can't grasp that concept).

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#44... it's not necessarily a "favor." I HATE it when other people wash my clothes, and not taking good care of my clothes is just one reason why. They use the wrong detergent, they add fabric softener, they don't care if they drop the clean clothes on the floor in between the washer and dryer, they add dryer sheets, or THEY PUT CLOTHING IN THE DRYER THAT DOESN'T BELONG IN THE DRYER, like the OP did. It's possible that the friend gave the OP standing permission to wash his clothes in this case, but you can't say "it's a favor, you don't need permission" because that's just not true.

*Later on that day on CP24* A grizzly murder has occurred in Alberta today.....

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If I were OP I'd hide it somewhere obvious bur not to obvious and then be like "oh shit! how'd did that happen?!" :O

gotta agree with #3's comments, unless you're the one who does everyones laundry as a chore or something, you shouldn't be doing your room mates laundry. YDI.

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wtf type of paint did the gf use? it shouldn't melt if it's for fabrics.

I'm so sorry! Just... wow, I can't even begin to put myself in your shoes!

Yeah, I guess it sucks, but at least your friend still has the shirt even without the letters.