By heartsick - 04/04/2012 05:43 - United States - Davenport

Today, depressed about a recent break-up with my long-term boyfriend, I bought a book about moving on after a relationship ends. The cashier placed some standard promotional fliers in my bag during check-out. Once home, I pulled out the fliers. They were for a married couples retreat. FML
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Troll cashier be trolling

You, sir, can go **** yourself. Signed, people who have hearts.


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You, sir, can go **** yourself. Signed, people who have hearts.

KM96 24

She's a girl too ... By the way don't be so harsh 1

5 Woah there just because OP is a girl does not mean she gets special sympathy, we don't know if OP ruined the relationship or the boyfriend did.

aruam365 24

9- I think they meant saying "grow a pair" wasn't appropriate since OP is a female and to not be so mean.

Grow a pair and move on F you for thumping down you sorry ass lamer losers i did have to do the same when something similar happened to me. idiots....

Op is a girl. Besides, growing a pair makes you weaker. If you really wanted to be tough, get a ******- they can take a pound. (no pun intended)

23- Your sentence is so ****** up I don't even know where to begin.

Way to rip off betty white hahaha!! Still funny though :3

Number 1 was probably just in rush to get first comment! btw number 1 **** off

23- Who the **** says lamer losers?

"Thumping down"? Please for the love of God, don't reproduce.

Read his bio. "In a very high possibility he's smarter than us". Brings a tear to the eye.

24-I believe that was a quote by Betty White ;). 23-No one gives a **** about what happened to you. This is OP's FML, not yours. Grow a pair, move on. Prick.

Oh grow up. Being a pussy about an old relationship is the only sure way to stay single

And being a douchebag concerning a situation you know nothing about is no different. Looks like you're the one that needs to grow up, bud.

anarchistpunk 3

F.O.D. Asshole. Instead of her growing a pair, why don't you grow a heart.

1, that's physically impossible. OP, that's not being depressed. That's being sad.

torch433 1

what an ass

miss_booboo_8 0

I heard that before

SupaJ0E_fml 0

Is that possible?

Self help is for losers and u just want a pity party.

RoseTintMyWorld 8

You probably have many self help books on how to maintain an erection.

Haha, you must not do much meaningful in life, since those usually.come with big downfalls as well as huge rewards. Can't magically get out of those downfalls either, and to each their own on how they do that

Birdie_Sage 0

I understand that she's not over him, but a book? Really? Get a another dude.

20, some people don't want to rush into things, especially after a long term boyfriend, worst thing you can do is go out and get the label "****". she's getting over it her way, some people struggle to get just move on.

Troll cashier be trolling

Snatch'n up your happiness and putting depressing fliers in your bag!

Hide yo cash! Hide yo cards! Hide yo cash! Hide yo cards!

Hide yo' kids. Hide yo' wife!

Hide yo' kids. Hide yo' wife! Sorry FMLer's but that video cracks me up. I'll go back to my corner...

Get dating again or go have fun being single!

siickman 7

Yea "get" dating again ... Lol sorry it bothered me ... And OP dont use anyone just to move on... Relationships work better when you actually like/love the person .. So take your time

anarchistpunk 3

It's hard dating again with a broken heart. Shit, if she is where i was, its hard just thinking about it.

Man, enjoy the single life, it's awesome! I sit here.. play video games.. watch reruns on netflix.. drink myself in to a coma. Sometimes at the same time. Fuck..

Instead of sitting around reading books on how to move on from a relationship you should be out doing things to get your mind off it. Reading books is just going to make you more depressed that your relationship ended

wildsweetchild 19

different people have different ways of dealing with things. If that's what works for her, great! At least she's doing something about it.

I've never met anyone that this method actually worked for in the long run...

Oops, that was meant for 19. Oh well, glad this isn't the test I'm supposed to be studying for.

SupaJ0E_fml 0

She has a point there, its not good to be alone when your feeling down, you should at least hangout with the people who love you! Helps me anyways

That was their job to put the fliers in the bag, do not read too much in to it. Focus more on being your self and all will be right in time.

Exactly. 'Twas just a mere coincidence.

Use the fliers to make paper aeroplanes! Those things always cheer me up.

Double kill! The next thing you'll encounter is a couple getting married, then a happy family with their child, and so on.

katcot99 11

The cashier has to…

EvilCupcake8361 9

Has to..? Has to what?! *dramatically looks at the sky* DAMN YOU SUSPENSEFUL ENDINGSS!

wildsweetchild 19

I'm sorry OP for a heartbreak, but I'd say all that happens, happens for the better..and don't mind the flyer, just get rid of it. Good luck!