By sadness - 29/11/2010 18:58 - South Africa

Today, I went to see a psychiatrist for my depression and low self esteem. While in the waiting room, I overheard a guy telling his friend how ugly I am. FML
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what an ass, you should have kicked his butt.

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Keep your head held high and don't let words bring you down.


what an ass, you should have kicked his butt.

2, that might have helped the self esteem.

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expect the people in a psychiatrist's waiting room to not be playing with a full deck.

smartalek 2

omg 61 you are not one to comment on whether or not someones ugly. BAHAHAHAHAHA

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your prob just hearing things.. op

Get a breast implant then they wont notice your ugly mug

#5 Right, because everyone can clearly afford a several thousand dollar surgery that isn't necessary...

^ lmao "is it just me or is that mans breast giving me a grimlin grin?!"

BehindTheSun 2

8: Of course. What better way to draw attention from one's face than one giant cyclops boob? I smell a fashion trend in the making.

Or maybe she could get 3 implants. But then she'd need a fake nipple, too

DaveOnDope 4

Just one, right in the middle of the other two. One for the mouth, and one for each hand = instant boyfriends!

Or get a breast implant on yur' forehead. that'll attract people.

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do girls usually go at each other like this alot? sheesh, meow on this list.

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so, does that mean when I get a boob on my forehead I'll need to get a 1 cup bra?!

7 I don't want to start anything but if read in context, 5's comment is most likely a joke..

saturnsonic 3

You should probably get checked for Schizophrenia while you're there.

BehindTheSun 2

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May I recommend you not be so rude?

may I recommend you not be such a dick

Not helping, jerk. Did you even read the FML?

so what, tell him he's just mad because he has a little dick.