By sadness - 29/11/2010 18:58 - South Africa

Today, I went to see a psychiatrist for my depression and low self esteem. While in the waiting room, I overheard a guy telling his friend how ugly I am. FML
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what an ass, you should have kicked his butt.

Keep your head held high and don't let words bring you down.


what an ass, you should have kicked his butt.

2, that might have helped the self esteem.

^ how nice! 8)

expect the people in a psychiatrist's waiting room to not be playing with a full deck.

omg 61 you are not one to comment on whether or not someones ugly. BAHAHAHAHAHA

Ydi for whining

Hahahahaha are you serious? jeez some people!

irony is a bitch eh?

your prob just hearing things.. op

Get a breast implant then they wont notice your ugly mug

#5 Right, because everyone can clearly afford a several thousand dollar surgery that isn't necessary...

just one implant?? O.0

^ lmao "is it just me or is that mans breast giving me a grimlin grin?!"

8: Of course. What better way to draw attention from one's face than one giant cyclops boob? I smell a fashion trend in the making.

Or maybe she could get 3 implants. But then she'd need a fake nipple, too

Just one, right in the middle of the other two. One for the mouth, and one for each hand = instant boyfriends!

Or get a breast implant on yur' forehead. that'll attract people.

do girls usually go at each other like this alot? sheesh, meow on this list.

so, does that mean when I get a boob on my forehead I'll need to get a 1 cup bra?!

well this is an UGLY situation

7 I don't want to start anything but if read in context, 5's comment is most likely a joke..

i wanna see for myself

You should probably get checked for Schizophrenia while you're there.

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May I recommend you not be so rude?

may I recommend you not be such a dick

Not helping, jerk. Did you even read the FML?

so what, tell him he's just mad because he has a little dick.