By cmart_9 - 29/10/2013 04:24 - United States - Clayton

Today, my girlfriend got a detention for public display of affection. We go to different schools. FML
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nhi1221 9

That sucks bro. I think you should break up with her

Hey, doesn't mean it was another guy! It could be a girl...


nhi1221 9

That sucks bro. I think you should break up with her

That sucks? Or do you mean the GF sucks? Perhaps you know more about the 'public display of affection' than you're letting on...

Well, my old school considered long handshakes PDA.

35 - Yep. At my high school a quick shoulder hug between friends was PDA. The high school I worked at last year, we were just happy if the kids weren't having sex in the halls.

My middle school banned hugs, period. It even made national news.

Ya exactly OP it might not be as bad as you think she might've just gave someone a friendly hug and someone must've narced on the PDA police or something lol :p

48-My middle school doesn't care. The principle and assistant principle see it every day but don't do anything. Kissing and making out is pda at middle schools

omgitsmoe 26

#19 I just laughed soo hard that I'm coughing , thanks xD

I graduated in 94. Zero tolerance already reared its ugly head then. Hand holding, hugs and other ridiculous things were PDAs that brought detention and suspension with them. Zero tolerance means zero common sense. And I guess their policy worked well since there were only about a dozen girls knocked up in my graduating class of 100. Op, get the story first, then make your decision based on it. It's be a shame if it were something innocent and it blew up more then it already has.

Wow, people makeout at my school daily. I wish we had a ban on pda.

12 out of 100 means it worked well? What would be the average number of pregnant girls if it hadn't worked at all? o_O

MikaykayUnicorn 36

I got a pda warning for hugging my best friend. Maybe it was a hug, or a handshake mistaken as them holding hands. Some schools are extremely strict.

72 - remember that laughter is the best medicine, so keep laughing to help your cough, then laugh some more when you cough.

At my school, the first thing they taught us was that it was forbidden to have sex in class. So I guess out of class is just frowned upon.

michaelaranda 28

pda at my school means hugging. If I was op, I wouldn't break up with her just yet.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Exactly, 68. Holding hands was PDA back in my high school. It doesn't necessarily mean she was making out with guy or anything. I know just to **** with the teachers my buddy and I would skip down the hall holding hands. Some of them got a kick out of it while others just glared at us haha.

hannahsnyder69 16

Well, I think it's time to move on

Yeah, it probably is. That's also a pretty stupid way to get caught cheating. Some people can't just wait until school is over to see their boyfriend/girlfriend?

Or find out what happened PDA at a school could just be as simple as a hug I wouldn't jump to conclusions that fast.

If the hug caused a PDA violation that is one hell of a hug the gf has with people. Not sure I'd be comfortable with that.

93- For all we know, it could've been a simple side hug. Some schools are very strict about that sort of thing.

JMichael 25

Yikes, sorry OP. You can do better.

How do you know he can do better? Maybe this is as good as it gets for him. jk

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CrazyGirlfriend 21

depends on the school's version of PDA. How strict is the school with the rules? is she completely straight and got caught hugging or holding hands with a female friend? I need more details before saying it is time to move on and say theyre a cheater.

Hey, doesn't mean it was another guy! It could be a girl...

yoursucklives 36

what exactly is public display of affection? a kiss on the cheek or making out or holding hands? because i can understand that teachers don't want students to make out, but holding hands can't be that big of a deal, can it?

It's usually passionate kissing/making out. At my school they don't care if they kiss the other before class and at buses, but if they get crazy they'll get into trouble.

At my high school I got in trouble for being asleep on my boyfriends shoulder before class started O.o

Even so, this means she's holding hands or smooching someone who isn't her boyfriend.

I teach and my old school's reasoning behind listing hand holding and hugging as PDA is that sometimes the receiver is uncomfortable with this but lacks the courage to say "no". If you make it a blanket rule for everyone, it protects those that can't protect themselves.

Humans are supposed to have physical contact, we go insane without it. I find banning holding hands somewhat draconian.

I was an aid in lower grades and my reason for no hugging is that it spreads head lice. lol I would hope that doesn't apply to high schools.

75 - Lice can happen to everyone regardless of age, cleanliness, whatever.

mlc18 3

At my school we couldn't even high five. They actually gave us a seminar on how to correctly give air high fives and air hugs.

Yeah it happens, but little children don't care that they're spreading bugs around. In high school I assume that if one had head lice one would stay home and clear the problem up on their own without me having to call their parents.

skyttlz 32

In elementary school, my crush and I got suspended for PDA for having a pretend wedding at recess. We didn't kiss or even hold hands.

fluffywaspluka 7

#41, That logic is absured. That equates to banning water because SOMEONE may be alergic to said water.

AntiPrude 26

PDA rules are pathetic and actually really odd. I definitely wont be sending my future kids to a school that is stupid and conservative and lifeless enough to have such a intruding policy.

tckm1699 7

I don’t think my High School had any official rules but there were definitely teachers that didn’t like PDA. There was one in particular (he was kind of an ass) that told my boyfriend and I a couple times “no one wants to see that”. The first time my boyfriend gave me a quick kiss before we went to class and the second time he HUGGED me, again before class. The second time he actually said to the teacher “I’m just hugging her!” Because that one was uncalled for (there were a few times we deserved it, that was not one of them)

Maybe it was a hug? At my school we have a no hug rule.

"Today, my boyfriend from a different school dumped me because he heard I got detention for public displays of affection. I just hugged my female friend in the hallway between classes. FML"

AntiPrude 26

@8 Wow I feel sorry for you, thats a sad reflection on humanity isnt it. Back when I had the girlfriend in highschool we purposely showed alot of 'affection' in front of teachers faces purely out of spite for the stupid intolerant crap rule.

perdix 29

What happens on campus, stays on campus ;) The new marketing slogan for public education.

perdix 29

#54, damn, I used to travel to Tulsa frequently and I don't remember a strip club called On Campus. I wish I had gone -- sounds hot!

better to find out this way if you ask me, go get another girl and let her know it's over that way. :-)