By Anonymous - 29/10/2013 10:40 - Australia

Today, I finally got to surprise my boyfriend with a birthday cake. I spent four days planning the perfect one. First thing he says? "Erm, you know I'm 32, right?" I got his age wrong. FML
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you think that's one of the first things you want to know about someone

It's all good OP, at least you remembered his Birthday.


you think that's one of the first things you want to know about someone

Gothicbunnyx3 16

What I want to know is... Who spends 4 DAYS planning a birthday cake? Maybe a party but just the cake?

#62, Well, if she were planning to make the cake herself or was deciding on how she wanted the bakery to make it. is possible for the cake to take a bit of time. I always plan what I'm going to do a few months ahead so that when it's time to do what ever. I'm not rushing and doing a sloppy job of it.

JocelynKaulitz 28

I would take it as a compliment if they shaved off a couple years. If they added them however…

jazzy_123 20

maybe she was trying to make him feel better about his age and take a few off... but it didn't work as she planned and she just played it off..?

It's all good OP, at least you remembered his Birthday.

She made him a really nice cake that she put a lot of effort into. Getting his age wrong was probably a bit of a damper but she still made a huge effort to make his birthday awesome for him.

RpiesSPIES 27

Since in this case, the girl forgot the guys' age, he could have just laughed it off. Regardless of the actual results, this is kinda mostly an FML because of how embarrassed OP must have been to have forgotten.

Ch_rae5 19

if it were a younger age than my own I would have just rolled with it.

I have to think about it to remember my own age. It's really just a number.

Jst4kicks 16

well if you put candles in it you should of said, " yeah ik but I ran out of candles" if not oh well

expertsmilee 26

What if they put too many instead of too few?

"The pack came with this many candles." "For every candle on this cake, is a decade I will love you." "One candle for ever year, and one more for every time you make me smile in a minute." "You are wise beyond your years, and I often forget that you are so young." "Screw the cake, screw me." Yeah, there are ways to fix this too.

Well, the surprise worked perfectly! It worked so well even you were surprised when you saw the look on his face, no? Four days of panning not wasted here.

kathryn14 19

Wow. You really should have known! But I'm sure he understands, and it was a really sweet thing you did.

I don't know about you, but i bet he's 32. She obviously didn't know.

NatalieOntheTram 11

As long as you weren't say, ten years off, I'm sure he'll understand. I doubt he'd get mad anyways. Not when cake is involved.

Dude, it's cake. CAKE! I don't care if people think I'm 60!! As long as I get my cake... Mmm... Cake.

Especially if its chocolate! I barely remember my parents ages so OP, don't worry. It's not that serious.

I don't even know my parents age. I asked them once when I was younger and my dad was 40 and Mom was 36 and I just assumed they would be immortal and stay that age.