By NickDrakeFan - United States
Today, I overcame my stage fright and got up in front of a café audience with my acoustic guitar to sing a few of my songs. Some asshat kept yelling stuff like "NEEDS MORE COWBELL!" and "FREEBIRD!", which made me lose my nerve and flee. FML
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  GreatGeak  |  8

call me a jerk, but i couldn't help but picture Napoleon Dynamite when u said "which caused me to flee", it reminded me of Napoleon running off stage.

  IvyOswin  |  17

Hecklers are a part of being a performer. Personally, I taunt them back if the occasion allows me to. I'm an improv actor and they make me funny.

  etoilenuit  |  15

Yea next time try to turn an awkward situation like that into a positive one. You could just laugh it off and everyone would laugh with you, or call him out because clearly he was a douche bag. Either way, try again. Think a situation out before you run.

  Anonomusturd  |  9

It really does. I used to have a HUGE fear of public speaking, voice cracked, hands shook, forgot everything, did terrible, but I had to do a lot of it in school and over time I got used to the fear and could do a good job on them.

There's all types of things you could do, like make a joke out of it or adlib a line in your song about him being a douche, but, most important thing is to sit through it and keep doing it. That's really the trick to being comfortable in front of a crowd, so don't get down on yourself for running off. You went up there and you sat through it for a certain amount of time, that is an accomplishment and your skin is a little tougher for it.

All your favorite bands/artist went through the same thing, you're on the right track.

  Enslaved  |  36

"Needs more cowbell" is a skit from SNL when Blue Oyster Cult played "Don't Fear the Reaper"

Now, Dodge4x4Ram, I'll sing that exact song to you while your comment gets down voted. ;)

  perdix  |  29

#3, an odd coincidence is that Christopher Walken's character in that sketch was named Bruce Dickinson, which is also the name of the lead singer of Iron Maiden.

Weird, huh?

By  HeyHeyFishFillet  |  34

Hey OP, at least you decided to actually do something about your fear and that at the very least is admirable. I wouldn't give up performing just because of one asshole, so keep doing what you want.

By  DevilsMetsGiants  |  30

I understand where your stage fright comes from. I'm a guitarist and singer myself and it does take a few times to completely conquer the fear. Don't get discouraged because of one dumb ass.

By  tygerarmy  |  35

It's okay OP, just try again. People always yell stuff at the stage, I think I've heard both of those at every genre of concert I've been to. You just have to play along.