By notacaveman - 16/04/2013 13:27 - Netherlands

Today, my girlfriend confessed that she had drunkenly slept with another guy last night. Since she seemed genuinely upset, and had confessed right away, I decided to forgive her the slip-up. She then angrily broke up with me, because "if I really loved her, I would've been more angry." FML
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SynysterNero 20

She sounds like a bitch anyway. Plenty of other women out there.

Sir_ND_Pity 35

It must be the whoremones.


SynysterNero 20

She sounds like a bitch anyway. Plenty of other women out there.

Don't mean Op can get any of then though.. It's like fishing, just because there's plenty of fish in the sea. It's no garuntee you will catch one..

twaumat 28

or maybe OP forgave because he can't fish.

#11 Dynamite Fishing.

61, what does that equate to, cloroform?

She sounds like a woman to me tbh.

fishstick557 14

11 couldn't be said any better than that

73 or necrophilia.

Bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks!

KyraJFoxx 14

It was a bitchy thing to do #2 but you know how some girls can be VERY emotional at times? what if she did feel bad about it and was ..I guess "internally beating herself up " over it ? therefore wasn't even thinking logically when she said what she did to OP you of those people who always do something dumb than regret it days later..? i can't believe Im even trying to make sense out of it for her but idk.. either way what she did was wrong. 1. cheating than 2. getting mad because he forgave her. So either way I agree..very bitchy. As for OP..keep your head up ! I once forgave my ex for cheating after he cried about it to me and I guess he mistook me forgiving him for weakness becauae he didn't really .."change". So be glad. you were the bigger person here OP. You're seem reasonable so hopefully you find someone who can appreciate that !

KyraJFoxx 14

**you seem**

I must say OP is an idiot to think this is a fml, when in actual fact it's fuck that whore's life

96# Doesn't matter if she didn't think clear. You shouldn't be mad the person you cheated on after he forgave you, because he wasn't mad about it. know that's kind of the point of not thinking clearly, right? She thought in a way that isn't normal because she was upset...that's not thinking clearly.

Damian95 16

Should've been way more pissed in the first place. Trust is earned, not given.

SystemofaBlink41 27

So being pissed is necessary now?

#51, actually, respect should be automatic and mutual...I mean, jut because someone hasn't earned your respect, should you go around, ruining their things? No. Now yes, people can lose your respect based on their action.

bfsd42 20

78, respect is definitely earned and not automatic. Not respecting someone does not mean you destroy their stuff. It is a case of someone proving themselves to someone else.

Destroying things was just an example. Respect can be described differently. As in being a synonym of admiration, or simply being considerate. I'm guessing you're talking about the first, while I'm talking about the latter. Everyone should be considerate of everyone, automatically.

Damian95 16

So why did I get down voted for saying someone who got cheated on should be a bit angry and not so nonchalant. "Eh don't worry bout doing the worst thing you can possibly do while in a relationship."

Nice guys finish last.

kyu_Q 19

So it seem OP should have thrown a tantrum, smashed some furniture, cussed her out and called her a slut and stop talking to her for a few days while she begged and groveled. How dare you OP for being understanding and forgiving.

113- Yeah. They let her come first!

yeah? like how much more angry? break her face with a hammer or what? lol

Sounds like she just wanted an excuse to break up with you, OP. I'm sure if you had gone off on her, she would've reacted the same way. That, or she's just an idiot. Or both.

You're very noble for giving her another chance, but forget her, she was looking for a way out regardless.

Girls logic at its best!

Bitch be trippin'.

Sir_ND_Pity 35

It must be the whoremones.

If he really forgave her, he could even hooker up with someone new.

Yes she really sounds like a hoerrible woman.


easyprey 8

She's only getting started, soon she will be blowing everything in sight, like a real whornado. Just wait in the basement till she calms down.

She did what you should have fine and ended the relationship. You should thank her.

Well, I think he was very compassionate and noble for giving her a second chance. It's not his fault, but hers.

I never said anything was his fault. I just said that the relationship needed to end.

To clarify further, sometimes it's hard to end a relationship, even when your know you should. OP wasn't at fault for his emotional predicament, and it's unfortunate that it was his girlfriend who did the dumping rather than him, but in the end he's better off without her, regardless of who dumped who.

10, forgive me for slip ups, but why should he thank her? They only knew the relationship should end after she confessed. Plus, the guy was forgiving her. She was being a stuck up bitch. Please, though. If I missed some valuable info in your comments, I am sorry.

Do I really have to spell it out? He should thank her for ending the relationship because she's a bitch and he's better off without her. And I didn't mean that he should literally say, "Thank you," just that he should be glad it's over. Geez.

gracehi.....leave it be failed

she was probably an std ready to happen... better off without her