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Today, I came home early from work, and caught my girlfriend with my best friend. I forgave her. She thinks it's because I love her. It's because I wouldn't get laid otherwise. FML
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Why can I hear The Offspring's "Self Esteem" playing in my head?


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No, it's smart. No more commitment. He can always break-up with her later without feeling bad.

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Damn straight, any guy would stay with some ass as long as he was getting some.

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I wouldn't do the same, but that's awesome! You should try to get something more out of the situation, like have your friend give you a *******, just for the **** of it. OR have sex with her mom.

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OP, you disgust me. Go die in a fire.

OP, sounds like your relationship is more of a friends with benefits then anything else... you guys should just call it that and not lie to each other... and it is not pathetic, the couple feels the same way, so there can be no guilty party, no love, nothing to break.

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well the girl aint better then him. so it goes both ways. i would say the girl deserves it. harsh but still

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Ha, I was just kidding. I don't get laid in the first place!

lawls 0

thats EXACTLY why you agree with him , ya hozer. WOOW!, the OP is no better then his girlfriend. you guys are just Fucck buddys

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so she must be blind or deaf if she bangs you, right?

So she cheats on him and it's f her life? Oh my god, I feel so bad for her?

loooloool 13

Everyone who says op is bad for doing that whats worst cheating with your boyfriends bestfriend or trying to get some sex?

Wow really, thats pretty sad, and all above me are losers, she gets away this time she prbably will get away another time

Agreed. Way to be completely pussy whipped. You are a disgrace to the male gender.

Quite agreed. OP, you are a sad, sad man. You've basically told us that you're going to let her sleaze around with whoever she wants, whenever she wants, just so long as she pays your own dick some attention every month or so. There's no "I can't get laid otherwise" there's "I'm a sad, lonely, desperate, and lazy boy"

HAHA! very well said...there's only real 2 reasons people cant get laid because they are too picky or simply are not trying! in both situations it is the unlaid persons fault! so i dont feel bad for them

he didnt say he was staying with her, he probably kicked her out after he got what he wanted.

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Damegreywulf - ...That's why he said "F my life". See, you're at this website called "", and ON this website, people post stories explaining why their lives suck.

He said "FML" because he says he CAN'T get laid otherwise, but the truth is that he just isn't trying hard enough, or isn't even willing to try. Yes it's true his life sucks, but it's only his fault. Also, there is no real point to your post. What part of my post made you think I was unaware of the site's basic idea? It seems more to me you don't understand it, as you didn't consider the "YDI" part.

Haha, good logic. Not really an FML though. Just find another GF, then dump her. Until then, just use her as a human sex toy.

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Why can I hear The Offspring's "Self Esteem" playing in my head?

The more you suffer, the more it shows you really care. Right?

Well, not really, since he's only doing it for the sex and, as stated above, for a human sex toy. Thus, he's not suffering at all. He doesn't care, he doesn't love her. However, I don't understand how that's a FML.

I think the fact that he's certain he won't get any anywhere else is the FML part.

I think the line " she says she love me but sleeps with my friends" would go better

Thats sad.. Your just setting yourself up to be a failure for the rest of your life..

Agreed. You sir, are a disgrace to the male gender. Way to be completely pussy whipped.

You go, man. She clearly doesn't love you and deserves to be hurt if she really believes you love her... that or neither of you care if you have sex without love, so now its a win-win for you. Nice maneuvering.

Meh. It's not that sad. I'd just make it perfectly clear that that's the reason you forgave her.