Today, I sent my boyfriend a picture of my boobs. I quickly found out that I'd accidentally sent it to my sister instead. She sent me one back. FML

By boob sisters - / Wednesday 2 July 2014 17:01 / United States - Lilburn
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  miles_cc_  |  5

More like boob for a boob

By  jazmin3012  |  28

incest...not that overrated

  jazmin3012  |  28

I wish I could delete my comment......it did go too far.

  Bragi  |  12

No, no it did not.

By  gary8082  |  13

Send both pics to your boyfriend and see which one he likes best.

  empbob  |  16

Noooo, send them both and see if he can identify who's are who's...

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