By Starving Student - 17/05/2012 03:42 - United States - Tacoma

Today, I got a ticket for panhandling to get gas money so that I could both drive out to a job interview AND still have enough gas to pick up my dad. Apparently, these particular cops had nothing better to do than harass me for standing quietly next to a freeway entrance with a silly sign. FML
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jerseyboy732 16

I'm with the cops, I hate panhandlers

avclovewsh 8

If you have the money to pay a cell phone or Internet bill to post this then you should have enough money to pay for your own gas .... We are all in the same situation and can not spare to give you our hard earned money .. Take a bus and figure it out with out begging or money ..


jerseyboy732 16

I'm with the cops, I hate panhandlers

Not only that, it's illegal. Why hate on them for doing their job?

Same... Get a job OP. You don't need to drive to an interview. Get your ass ready earlier and walk or catch public transportation.

Llamacod 11

#29, sadly it isn't illegal everywhere. The, uh, "leaders" of my town allow panhandling

So sick of the hoooboooooos, always begging for chaaange. I don't like how I go to work, and they just sit around and get paid!

I don't think he deserves it for not having enough money. He's a student. As a student, I know exactly how he feels. The real YDI is the fact that he's doing something illegal then complaining about getting caught. Catch a bus.

FajitaFreak 3

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If you want money from people on the street, pick up an instrument or something. I'm more inclined to give a street performer money than a lazy person with a sign.

103, get a bicycle then and if you cant get to the interview with out begging then dont apply for a job that far away. If I knew I had an interview that far away. I'd plan ahead and arrive in the area early to make sure I had the spare time. It's called planning ahead. Learn it, love it, embrace it.

MerrikBarbarian 9

I don't mind if it's someone who obviously can't work, like the local crazies who can't even take care of themselves, led alone hold a job, or a single mom who is escaping an abusive relationship and is out on the street with nothing trying to care for her kids.... But healthy young people with no problems? Get off your damn lazy ass and get a job. I wanted to punch a guy who honest to god had a sign "I'd rather beg then steal" standing right next to a we're hiring sign at McDonald's. Get a job asshole. If you can't get a job, get a busking licence. I did that when I had an injury that prevented me working a standard job for a while.

TheBonzaiGirl 0

"what if we turned hobos into tires? Then we could have a use for hobos and more tires!"

-.- 144 are you dumb? OP was going to a job interview... To try and get a job!

What if the interviews not is transport limits ass hole and he can't get a job with out the interview you dumb *****

NoisyNykkii 10

Woah....... I didn't understand a word of this FML.

Googling panhandling it means begging. Begging on a freeway entrance? Screw that.

NoisyNykkii 10

Ah, nevermind, the FML was fixed.

dominic1221 6

Like hell it was. I got a badge on my iPod and saw it before #1 commented. Looks exactly the same. You're a terrible liar, sis.

NoisyNykkii 10

23- It was defenitely moderated, trust me. I saw it before #1 commented too. I don't get why you're mad(or at least seem to be), so what if I was confused?

MetalxSoldier 26

Oh, the cops have plenty to do but they were having to deal with "you" & your "silly sign" at the time.

Right. That's why I have no sympathy for OP. Everyone who complains about police having nothing better to do are usually stopping them from doing something better. I waited for 1/2 hour once watching a man get beat up because someone used the police as a taxi service.

And what? While this man was getting beat up you just pulled out some popcorn and sat in a recliner...?

#84-- No, he called the police. That helps the victim AND prevents a second person from being beat up. Honestly, there's no need to be rude.

72 - if u were watching someone get beat up how did u know the police were playing taxi.

try waitressing at a fancy restaurant or even hooters, you could make cash at every shift, it sucks but it pays the bills.

Are you insinuating Hooters ISN'T a fancy restaurant?

good one 31 and I mean that. also OP you could try working as a cocktail waitress at a strip club. it's not something i would highly recommend it's definitely a last resort but I hear the tips are amazing but once again i don't highly recommend it because i knew some girls that did that and now they're heroin addicts. Still better then panhandling though.

Malkria 1

I know imma get thumbed down for this but what's panhandling?

Basically it's going up to people, usually with a sob story on a sign, and asking for money. And in most states, it's illegal.

NoisyNykkii 10

I dunno why people thumb people down for things like these. You can't just expect everyone to Google everything/: Panhandling is when you beg on the streets for money.

I won't thumb you down but I will answer your question with a question, "What's Google?"

Google= God ( Knows answer to everything )

Don't listen to these people. "Panhandling" is when you hold a pan. OP was obviously cooking on the side of the road, trying to sell some food for money to buy gas. I thought that was obvious.

57- I would just like to say; Google is not a perfect god. I was in Hawaii for the passed two weeks and I badly needed a NOS energy drink, so I google mapped a gas station. It said the closest gas station was 6 miles away. So off I go on my six mile hike to a this place to find out its not there. ;( it wasn't very nice to get trolled by Google.

98. That's what you get for drinking NOS.

#98-- Google was just punishing you for something you did wrong. At least Google doesn't make the sky rain hellfire as punishment like all the other mainstream gods. He just gives your information out sometimes... and occasionally tells you to drive through bodies of water. :)

98- You must have made Google angry. Maybe you once used a diffrent search engine :O

avclovewsh 8

If you have the money to pay a cell phone or Internet bill to post this then you should have enough money to pay for your own gas .... We are all in the same situation and can not spare to give you our hard earned money .. Take a bus and figure it out with out begging or money ..

challan 19

That's exactly what I was thinking. You Op, are a waste of space. How dare you beg me for money when you are probably typing on your iPhone 4? Some people truly are in need, and others will be hesitate to help them because of you taking advantage.

The name does say "starving student" the op could be a college kid. I have a iPhone 4S I'm in college and I'm broke as hell. Because my parents paid for the phone. That's probably what's going in this scenario, going off that name which could be fictitious. If not, if the op lives in a suburb area or an area that does not offer a bus system they can't easily get on the bus let alone pick up their father. Or the OP is a bumbling moron for standing near a freeway. Which is illeagle but more in the fact dangerous. OP if you knew you had to both pick up your father and go to an interview you should of not waited until the day of to have money. Sounds like u have growing up to do. In the mean time enjoy coming up with money for that ticket.

FajitaFreak 3

Are you a moron or something? Internet and cellphone services are paid for monthly, and even after a a few weeks of not being paid there is a grace period usually before they cut him off. He may have lost his job only a week or two ago. He'll still have these services since he has already paid ahead of time for them before he landed in this financial pickle. Man people are so thick.

LOL! No guys y'all have it all wrong...he was THAT guy at the public library spending all his "free" time on the Internet!

For being a "laid back guy" you seem to be pretty peeved about life and your fellow humans... God French Canadians are so uptight!

It's illegal to panhandle and stand near a freeway but I feel ya' cops never have nothing better to do then **** with ya'.

Talk about a contradictory statement.....'Ohh, cops have nothing better to do than stop illegal activity.' hmmm....

isis_morrigan 18

Right, and when someone breaks into your house or commits some sort of illegal activity leaving you the victim for a change, don't even THINK about calling those assholes wearing a badge! Try calling one of your crackhead buddies, see if they can help.


I think sarcasm was literally the point of that comment