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Is it even possible to sprain a nose?

Nothing says romance like a bloody nose



nice one dumbass, and it's not that romantic to throw someone when they're trying to leave

You're first? Really? That's so interesting, bro. You should tell that story at a party.

good going jackass. that's what you get for trying to be romantic. stick to the basics. hump, grunt, fart, and eat. that's all guys are good at. trust me, it's all I'M good at.

yeah you can fucking say that again. no shit its ALL youre good at. you Nob Jockey!

not all of us are like that. maybe just fat asses like u tho

Thats because we are men and you are a slob...

You'll never even hump anything other than a rock if that's all you do #2.

FIRST!!!!!!!!! also ydi for trying to do that and repeating several other fml's

Ur not first smart guy

fail at sex lol good intentions though

Nothing says romance like a bloody nose

wow. your an asshole

A) *you're* B) how?

Is it even possible to sprain a nose?

No, it is not.

I thought that too

Me too. The nose is made of cartilage, people. Thats what glues bones together, among other things. If the nose was a bone, don't you think you'd be able to wiggle it back and forth?