By Anonymous - 8/3/2014 23:13 - United States
Today, my mother decided to tell me about how my twin brother almost killed me in the womb when his cord wrapped around my neck. When she left the room, he said, "You won't be so lucky next time." FML
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  syki  |  22

Easter… resurrection? I may not be a doctor, but I'm training to be one. Not much of a bastard, either, but you'll have to take what you can get. :P

  gracehi  |  31

Come to think of it, I haven't seen Perdix, ManintheMachine, Baustagit, or that Muslim chick who everyone mistakes for a nun in a while either...her name escapes me right now. I thought things had gotten shittier around here.

  lux0rd  |  18

Was there supposed to be more to this insightful comment or are you just leaving the rest up to our imagination?

*written when the whole comment was "C"