By Anonymous - 19/08/2011 04:11 - United States

Today, I took a taxi to my hotel. I specifically said that my destination was the Hilton resort. He took me to a bed and breakfast across town. When I finally got to my hotel, I cursed him out and didn't give him a tip. I then realized I'd left my phone in the taxi after he left. FML
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never curse or disrespect those who are servicing you, there are always times when they can fuck you over 10x's harder!! probably arent getting that back


Shoulda checked your pockets first douche bag

Douche bag? You never made a mistake, Mr. Perfect? Mr. Dickhole, more like...

hahaha, that sucks for you

karma's a bitch.

Someones' boss is going to start receiving pictures of penises...

...That smells like Satan's ass gas.

Really, that could of easily been an honest mistake. A lot cab drivers can barely speak English. So it could have easily been a misunderstanding, and you didn't have to flip out. Just don't give him a tip. Still it sucks for you're phone though. I can see a little karma here, but you are somewhat to blame too. Sorry OP. Hope you can work it out somehow :).

If the douchebag knew where to go in the first place OP wouldn't have to flip out on the dumb fuck. Good job OP

Its not karma 11 its stupidity and he/she could call what ever phone company he/she are on ang get the exact same phone back with same number they would cancel the phone from the taxi

Yeah enjoy using that tip on the new phone, yours is on the roadside at this point.

Some companies don't give you a new phone have to buy a new one.

Well, I think it would the taxi driver would be legally bound to put the phone is some sort of lost property. Just check with the cab company... I'm sure you got some details about the cab you were in or the driver while you were in the car.

You had to give him a tip one way or another...

sucks to be you

No, it's just that karmas a bitch ;)

Well, the taxi driver got a good tip....

Jeez... I dunno if this is FYL or YDI. But in any case, it always sucks when you lose a belonging to a taxi. Goddamn you taxis!! probably arent getting that back

Agreed. And your picture is hilarious, even though it isn't you. Just thought I'd say that! did that pick of me get on the Internet?

Everything is on the Internet!! ~~lol

never curse or disrespect those who are servicing you, there are always times when they can fuck you over 10x's harder!!

You are right you are a wise one