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By embarrassed - 12/07/2009 18:25 - United States

Today, I was at Target with my mom and we finished purchasing our items. We had gotten a fan so I said, "This thing is too big to fit in." First thing my mom yells? "THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!" and starts laughing hysterically in front of the entire store. FML
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MrGlad 0

Cool mom, lol. I wish my mom was like that...

Pb_lily 0

Oh get over yourself. Your mom is funny.


MrGlad 0

Cool mom, lol. I wish my mom was like that...

Lol, my mom IS like that, she would have said that too. And it says THAT"S instead of THAT'S. Grammar Nazi.

forget_it_all09 0

Wow, so he accidentally pressed"re a moron. (I pressed shift on purpose.) c/s I didn't get it until I saw it was a man writing this, then I burst out laughing. Fun times, fun times

Your best response would have been: "But it's not what DADDY said".

dinosaursmoo 0

Haha I;m jealous of your mom. My mom is snobby. And if I said that, she'd be like "Who is /she/? One of your friends from school, dahling?"

Agreed. Your life sucks...but your mom rocks. ^_^

This isn't a FML, this is funny. Add this to its site that focuses only on That's What She Said stories

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you fail at understanding the joke, douche :]

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# 45 i voted you down. no need for grammar nazis on fml.

@85... No, I am positive his dad is not a woman. I am positive your mommy and daddy raised one ignorant asshole of a child. "THAT'S WHAT I SAID". Enema.

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Lollll I wish my mom was like that

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Sorrel? Is that the name of a poisonous plant??


#85, EPIC FAIL. you clearly need some more schooling, and maybe a little real-world experience. please refrain from commenting/posting ANYWHERE on the internet until you fulfill at least one of these criteria. and i gave your comment the thumbs down, even though it's been buried already. OP - your mom is awesome. and I want to marry her. really.

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LOL my friend and i do these jokes all the time at work, her mom works with us and heard it once... She replied with "but that is what she said" which made us laugh even harder!

85 is right. the mom really said that she did that with HER last night. girls are suppossed to say that's what he said. dipshits...

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Oh get over yourself. Your mom is funny.

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I agree. My mum's the sort of person to do something like this, and I'm grateful she's like that, as opposed to some snobby mother.

yeah it'd be alright if she was funny or something, but my mom tries to act like teenagers and fit in with my friends. if op's mom is like that too, then thats superrrr awkward

haha yeah, i mean it's really great for a while to have a mom like that but one time my mom and i were meeting my brother's girlfriend's roommate for the first time and she made a "That's what she said" joke. it got kinda awkward. so i completely understand.

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haha that is possibly the most prime "that's what she said" ever.

I agree. The OP's mom rules to the extreme.


Hahahahaha, I love your Mother.

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I would be so proud of my mom if she said that!

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Watch what you say next time, I would've said it even if I was the cashier.

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What, you've never heard a "That's what she said." joke? Hang around any teenager, and you'll understand what they are very quickly.

The phrase "That's what she said" turns anything into a sexual joke. It's usually referring to what your sex partner said about your penis the other day. Guy 1: *referring to a TV he's seeing* Whoa! This is huge! Guy 2: That's what she said!

AH, i get it now. It turns out (;)) this was hilarious after all :D

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nice of you to take the time and actually explain it. lol "this was hilarious after all :D" I read it w stewies voice and just made me giggle.

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thats hilarious not embarassing, id be proud of my mom if she thought of that.

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my mom would do something like that. but i dont complain about it like a little bitch.