By ineedbetterfriends - Netherlands - Amersfoort
Today, I told my friend, who's a marriage counsellor, about some of the things my husband does that I hate, like snoring loudly and eating with his mouth open. I wasn't asking for advice, but she just looked me dead in the eyes and said, "Divorce." Bye-bye, faith in humanity. FML
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  Rababco  |  29

That's kind of what I was thinking, I was like, "this sounds like the mindset fml commenter's have. " It sounds like this is might be the mindset of our whole society, I'm kind of scared now. Great first comment BTW, much better than the "First!" comments or generic comments that often get posted.

  Axel5238  |  29

It's sad, but in recent years there is a oh well I'll find someone else/replace them mentality. People have started treating relationships as disposable just like their tv's and other things.

  Sinsation  |  7

Agreed. OP is a fucking dumbass for [1] saying that she wasn't asking for advice but syill expected it and [2] saying that she's 'losing faith humanity' for some petty shit like that.
Also, the snoring part? It's hereditary and involuntary, OP-bitch. He can only help it if he seeks the surgery to stop it. No marriage counselor can fix that.
And if you have a problem w/ him chewing w/ his mouth open, say something. It's not fucking hard to ask him to chew w/ his mouth closed when he's around you.

  cristy91  |  33

A couple remarks: 1- snoring isn't solved only through surgery. My dad wears a sleeping mask to combat it and it lets everyone in the house sleep soundly. A lot of times he won't wear it, though, because he doesn't want to go through putting it on (it's literally a slip on mask). 2- I have dealt with many people (particularly close family members) who chew with their mouths open and have other bad habits. You can tell them politely, passively, aggressively, or directly and they will not change because they are stubborn.

It's true, what OP's complaining about might be impossible to change, but it might also be from her husband's unwillingness to change, so try to not be so quick when calling her names :)

  cieloalicia  |  16

She's losing faith in humanity because the marriage counsellor's first remark in response to hearing the small but annoying habits was "divorce." Though I think her friend wasn't serious.

  Mauskau  |  35

Hahaha. The duck face is unattractive, and he is trying to help get the message across to people that think it looks good. Can't a simple smile be good enough for you people? Do you really have to pout, very badly, and make it look like you had bad botox in your lips? Be proud of what you look like without pulling dodgy faces :)

  Alicestraza  |  33

And if you have a terrible smile? Point is its no one's business what face people pull in their photo. They do not exist to be attractive and telling people to smile so that they're more pleasing to your eyes is acting entitled. You can't really tell people to be happy with what they look like when your pic is filtered so hard. (mine is too but I'm not the one telling people how they should be taking their pictures.) it's not harming you, let people do what they want.

  Alicestraza  |  33

You've seriously never seen a fucked up smile? I'll use myself as an example then, since I have one. If you honestly think you have the right to go around telling people what they should do because you're offended that they don't smile in their picture, you're a huge dbag. Also good job hiding behind a dog so that strangers on the Internet don't criticise you, I'm sure you're a model.

  sulitak  |  27

chances are the friend didn't feel like doing her job for free.
If you fix cars, do you really want to come home and have your friends assume you'll fix theirs for free? no

By  decemberruby  |  5

She lost faith in humanity because people throw things away without bothering to fix them...example: OP's marriage. Someone chewing with their mouth open is not a good or valid reason to break up with someone, let alone divorce them.

  firechicky  |  12

not really. if they divorce without learning how to compromise and work on a relationship they'll likely divorce and remarry. the trick is seeming helpful enough for the divorce to use you as a counselor the next time around.