By Apple - United States
Today, I was at my friend's house, and I asked if I could try on one of her dresses. It was a little snug, but I got it on. When it came time to take it off though, it wouldn't budge. My friend and her mom had to cut it off me. FML
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By  Kaylaaaaaa  |  6

You might need to lose a little weight ;) no offence. FYL!

  Randuhh_17  |  4

154-yes you can, it's called a pear shape. where the top half is small, but the hips are large. then there is the apple shape, which is the roundness in the midsection area, and other areas can be large too... but not always.

  PapaBear236  |  0

Saying that someone is fat should not be offinsive. Ridiculing them for it is different. It is the same as if someone came over to me and said I have brown eyes.

  dagrathe  |  0

how come the obvious "reasoning" comments get positive likes, i really didnt care what u just said. fml is here to make us laugh, not to reason out a situation. please shut up.


or ops friend just might have a different body type then her. for example, op may have larger hips and bust then her friend, thus making the dress not fit. however op still shouldn't be trying on clothing from her friend that is clearly a different size then her.

  bluegoldfish  |  7

not necessarily 124, it depends on your body shape, you can be thin and have big boobs and/or hips meaning you have to buy clothes in sizes that don't really reflect how big or small you are. i'm not just being pedantic here, this does actually relate to the fml, op could be thin but differently proportioned to her friend - she could be quite busty or hippy, while her friend might be more straight up and down. she could also actually just be fatter than her friend, but we don't know if that actually makes her fat because her friend could be a size 0, so being too big to fit into her clothes wouldn't be hard.

but really, if this friend was obviously smaller than op, she should have known not to try her dress on, and even if she couldn't tell it wouldn't fit it MUST have been obvious when it got halfway on that it wasn't going to go round. so all in all, it was a pretty stupid idea.

  st0815  |  9

Well, even if she has a different body shape but is not fat... she was there, her friend was there - it should have been obvious they have different shapes.

  similies06  |  0

I wear size 6-8 in certain jeans and am 160 lbs. I also run all the time and am not considered fat at all just well endowed. the smallest jeans I can wear at my skinniest are 6. I'm very healthy and I love to work out. we all just have different body shapes don't judge others because YOU think a size 8 is fat. I garentee you've thought a girl wearing size 6-9 pants was sexy.. half the tine guys dont even know they speculate their female friends or girlfriends are like 3 sizes smaller than what they are. so you're dumb :)

  Andicc  |  19

Really? A size 8 is in no way shape or form a "large" size. I'm a size 6 right now...I weigh 130lbs. I'm also 5'6". I have been size 2 as well, when I weighed 108lbs (and everyone thought I was sick or had an eating disorder because of my height/weight ratio) I have also been a size 8/9 when I weighed 140lbs. Jean sizes aren't considered "large" until you get into size 12 and higher..and even then you can't really judge based on that because the woman could be very tall or have a muscular build....

  a_nutritionist  |  10

i agree 96, they should be commenting on her utter stupidity. i mean really, a dress doesnt fit so you force it on, so much so that youre unable to get it off again...when it doesnt even belong to you? what a stupid bitchy thing to do.

  rararauhuh  |  5

I was saying that you should try to be the healthiest you can be. Eating right and exercising has endless benefits (ie. great skin, longer life, etc). I wasn't suggesting that there are ugly and beautiful people. I was saying the that the healthiest version of yourself is the most beautiful version.

  IHeartJimi02  |  0

I was thinking the same thing. I'm nit saying op is fat but they were obviously different sizes. I'm sure the dress was more than a little snug. Right when you felt it be a little snug you should've taken it off