By Bridget - 11/05/2013 04:01 - Canada - Orangeville

Today, I found out I have something in common with three other girls. We all have the same boyfriend. FML
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Now only two of those girls have something in common because he is dumped by you!

Hell hath no fury like 4 women scorned.


Now only two of those girls have something in common because he is dumped by you!

He was actually dating four girls at the same time if you read it correctly. So at least he should be down to three, unless the others are too stupid and are just "so in love with him because he's the best bf ever! "

Some people are okay with polyamorous relationships.

And a slap in the face by each one of them!

This reminds me of John Tucker Must Die...

What is up with men thinking they can actually get away with something like that?

It's not just men. Women think they can get away with scandalous behavior too.

Of course 17, I just meant in OP's case it was a man.

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Sometimes its the girls fault too. I have a lot of friends that repeatedly go back to a boy even after they find out there are others and they just accept it. Theyll be mad for about a week and then just forget about it. I really don't understand it but hey.

Yeah it's girls too lol I went back to a cheating ex, I'd like to say I understand it since I've done it but I really don't, needless to say next time she cheated on me I covered her house in pudding and super glued her doors shut

But if you think about it for a sec... Having 4 gfs at one time must take serious mental fortitude. Having one is more than enough for me. Lol.

How about you all get together and just beat his ass a little!

Cue crappy **** music... *four girls get together talking about guys and nail polish* Guy walks up "hi um do you know each other?" Two of the the girls say "aren't you gonna give your girlfriend a kiss" pandemonium breaks out as they find out they've all been dating the same guy. Girls fight then stop and huddle up, break huddle and walk slowly to guy. Girl 1 says "I guess we're just going to have to punish you for your naughty ways"leads him off with the other girls in tow. I'm sure you guys can finish the story

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Or a lot! What a self righteous punk! You all 4 need to get together & beat his ass and knock him down a peg or 2 (or 4!)

That's what I thought of, I just couldn't remember the name. Thanks for reminding me!

That's horrible OP! I hope you go back out there and find a guy who will be faithful and not take advantage. Just hang in there.

Work together with the 4 of you and get some payback?

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That reminds me of John Tucker must die.

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Men like that give men like me a bad name :(

Well, not the other guys like OP's boyfriend. It would still be a bad name I suppose but it would be accurate then at least.

#11 it's guys like you who give guys like you a bad name (reference to his username)