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Today, after a few weeks of my friends pestering me to spend time with a mutual friend, I realized we had a lot in common. We both love shoes, peanut butter, and it appears that my boyfriend of three years is her boyfriend of four years. FML
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countryrose92 23

And now they both have the same ex boyfriend in the same hospital bed with the same injuries! Wow, it's uncanny how alike these girls are.... Fyl

they must be very close! they share everything

TayonaC 10

and this is when you and his other girlfriend(s) band together to get his ass.

XDsmileyDX_fml 24

You learn new things everyday!

Im sorry to hear that op. even though you spent so much time with this Guy I'm positive that if you keep looking you will find the right one for you. good luck op :)

Easy answer, tag team and freak the crap out of him.

Or tell him you want a three way with a friend of yours, have her come over, then beat the crap out of him while he's naked.

He doesn't deserve that! What he does deserve is a hard kick to his manhood by both girls so he will never be able to reproduce!

Unless that is what you meant, then I'm sorry for thumbing you down.

I think they should just not tell him they know and somehow make him hate them both so much he breaks up with both of them, THEN kick his ass! you often talk to yourself?....

If it were a girl cheating on two guys, would it be okay for both of them to smack her?

It's called a double standard, get used to it. And invite him over, and start a conversation with "I'm sorry babe, I've been cheating on you for 2 years now...", his other girlfriend walks in. Then kick his ass.

39, sorry for over-doing it. My first 2 comments, I was replying to #7, as I thought he was implying a 3way. Reread it and realized he may have meant confronting the guy. My 3rd comment, I didn't mean to submit. :/

Polynomial... shut the **** up! Double standard or not, beating the shit out of someone, even if they're cheating, is only the way to go if you're an immature fucktard who can't act mature and walk away like the better person.

... What a dick. He must really put on a good show for neither of you to realize you we're being played for that many years.

This is a really cruel way to find out. Especially because it sounds like your friends all knew what was happening.

oj101 33

You two will sure have a lot in common to talk about.

You two should beat the shit out of him.

Notyours007 9

I'm fairly sure that I seen this same exact post a few months back. . . .