By Anonymous - 02/07/2015 22:31 - United States

Today, while swimming in my neighborhood pool, I noticed what looked like several cigarettes resting at the bottom and decided to investigate. Turns out it was actually just a used, bloody tampon that had spent enough time underwater to be broken into multiple pieces, and spread across the pool. FML
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Dont you know to never swim in a neighborhood pool

tantanpanda 26

some neighborhood pools are disgusting. Don't worry, I know exactly how you feel, op

that is really disgusting. hope u went straight ahead for a long nice shower ...

I hope you had mistaken identity on that object.

meliodafool_ 15

waiting for the "bloody hell" comments.

that's freaking nasty. I guess she thought that would be a good place to just pop that sucker out. so gross.

sonasonic 34

Or maybe it just slipped out. Either way, public pools are cess pools.

I'm guessing it fell out without her noticing. Still disgusting either way :/

okay. let's say it slipped out. wouldn't it just stay in her suit bottoms? unless her bottoms are real loose. I don't know.

Well if she was swimming very actively (like jumping off the high diving board several times, which can kinda shift your swim suit around) then it could be possible. Or maybe her swim suit was too big for her... Maybe she did just pull it out, but I like to imagine we live in a world where people aren't THAT disgusting. They are, I know, but my mental sanity likes it when I imagine they aren't ^^

yes, let's hope you're right and she isn't that gross.

Ewww, that's gross! Let the council know

exactly why I hate public things,toilets,pools,eating areas...all the same level of disgusting,no thankyou