By Kakapo4Ever - 20/05/2016 09:01 - United Kingdom - Abingdon

Today, I needed the toilet in the night. Walking through my pitch black house barefoot, I felt something squish beneath my heel. Thinking it was a morsel of previously dropped food, I turned on the light to clean it up. My eyes met a twitching gecko body, with a flattened, exploded head. FML
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This is OP here. Firstly, I live in Oxfordshire, England as of now but I used to live in Singapore, which is tropical, so geckos were everywhere, inside and out - especially as our house had a relatively wild and unkempt garden. They weren't any trouble at all and the only ways of keeping them out of the house were cruel, so yeah they were just all over the walls and floors. This is when the FML happened. Secondly, it's not outlandish to assume someone may have dropped a bit of food on the floor is it? Surely more likely than a ******* gecko head. And yes I agree the true FML is for the gecko...twas a tragic night :(

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he just wanted to save you 15% on car insurance

I have small kids. Dropped food is more than just a possibility here. Thankfully the only animals invading the house are insects or (harmless yet scary looking) spiders.


Only thing I can say is, wash that foot! Yuck. Poor little gecko!

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I had a cat who would kill rabbits and birds and eat their heads and leave the bodies near the door and we frequently stepped on guts. It was disgusting.

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My cat brought me a shrew. D:

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he just wanted to save you 15% on car insurance

Sir, you have made my day, and probably also won the internet. Please take my thumbs up!

I came to the comments section purely for a geico reference lol

Awww poor little gecko. Well at least you didn't see and didn't do it on purpose.

Don't feel so responsible, op, even a caveman could do it.

First FML I seen in awhile without negative votes on the comments...

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When was the last time you were on? Go look through previous posts. There are dozens of them with comments that got downvoted . A lot of times there are multiple comments with negative votes in the same post.

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All I hear is Where's Your Head At by the Basement Jaxx

Well, it's there... And there... And there....

Well, just something else to clean up now, and the foot.